Inevitable Order (Combat)

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Your resolute strikes bring down the weight of order upon your foes.

PrerequisiteCombat Expertise, Inevitable Justice, Inevitable Technique, base attack bonus +9

Benefit: When you hit an opponent with an attack while your minimum d20 roll on your attack is higher than 1 due to Inevitable Technique, you can turn your benefit into a penalty upon the target struck. Half of the increase to your minimum d20 rolls is imposed as a penalty to the target’s maximum d20 rolls when making attack rolls. For example, if your minimum roll has been increased by 6, making any rolls below a 7 count as a 7, you would reduce the target’s maximum d20 roll by 3, treating any attack rolls above a 17 as if they rolled a 17.

This is a supernatural effect that lasts for 1 round, and can only be used on a given creature once in a 24 hour period.