Angel Protection (Combat)

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Your defense extends to protect large groups from harm.

Prerequisite: Angel Retaliation, Angel Technique, Combat Expertise, Combat Reflexes, base attack bonus +12

Benefit: When you use Combat Expertise to grant yourself a dodge bonus to AC, the penalty you take to attack rolls is reduced by an additional 2 (this stacks with the reduction from Angel Technique).

Rather than designate a single adjacent ally to receive the benefit of your Angel Technique, you can instead grant the benefit to all allies within 10 feet of you. When doing so, the dodge bonus granted to allies by Angel Technique is reduced by half. An unconscious or helpless ally receives the normal benefits of Angel Technique (as opposed to double the bonus). This also allows you to avenge or defend any affected ally, as described in Angel Retaliation. Affected allies lose the benefit if they move more than 10 feet away from you.