Shadow Gift

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With a shadowy touch, you can grant a small portion of your shadow magic to another.

Prerequisites: Shadow surge class feature, nightblade level 7th

Benefit: As a full-round action, you can touch an ally to grant it a single shadow surge that you currently have. If the target has the shadow surge class feature, it can use that shadow surge with any of its class features that utilize shadow surges. If the ally does not normally have the shadow surge class feature, that ally can spend the shadow surge as a free action when making a Stealth check to enshroud itself in darkness, letting it roll twice and take the better result.

In addition, if you have another method of expending a shadow surge, you may grant the ally that ability as well. You may only grant one other ability that expends shadow surges in this manner, and it must be usable by a nightblade of half your level. For any purpose based on level, the creature is treated as a nightblade of half your nightblade level to determine the effects of the ability. This can be granted to creatures with or without the shadow surge class feature. The ally loses this granted ability once it has spent the shadow surge.

The shadow surge must be spent by the ally within 1 hour, otherwise it is lost. You may only give out 1 shadow surge at a time in this manner, and cannot give out another one until the first is used or lost.