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Metamorphosis Feats - 3rd Party - Alluria Publishing

Entobian larvites may choose from several metamorphosis feats. They are not required to take any of these feats and may remain a larvite for their entire lives. Metamorphosis is a planned event. For one, the larvite must take the Prepare for Metamorphosis feat at some point beforehand. Immediately preceding the event, the larvite prepares and consumes a large feast roughly equal to their body weight. The ingredients of the feast vary according to what metamorphosis feat the entobian is taking; rare herbs for coleophites, exotic fruits for farfalites, uncommon grains for eulites, and meat from dangerous beasts for moscanites. After consumption, the larvite then enters a state of intense meditation for 8 hours. This meditation culminates in the spinning of a cocoon. In this pupa state, the entobian is completely helpless and unconscious for roughly 7 days. The newly emerged and transformed entobian is considered disabled for 24 hours.

The transformation is both physical and psychological. Immediately after metamorphosis, the entobian permanently loses the silk spin and skilled racial traits. The original racial ability modifiers (+2 Dexterity, +2 Charisma, -2 Wisdom) vanish and are replaced by new racial ability modifiers. Retroactively adjust statistics such as hit points, and so on to match the new ability scores. Any feats for which you no longer meet the requirements can be replaced with those that do. Metamorphosis feats, other than the Matron feat, assign a male gender to the entobian, while the Matron feat denotes a female gender. The new form bears a very small resemblance to the old form. Metamorphosis feats can only be taken by a larvite (thus only one, once, ever). Metamorphosis is irreversible and permanent. After metamorphosis, the character no longer qualifies as a larvite for the purposes of feat prerequisites. Please see individual feats for more details.