Drive Blade (Combat)

You can lodge your weapon into your opponent’s flesh and bones.

Prerequisite: Str 15.

Benefit: Whenever you deal maximum damage with a piercing weapon, you can choose to drive the blade into the wound as a combat maneuver. As long as the weapon is driven in, the target takes 1 point of bleed damage per round and suffers a -1 penalty to attacks and AC and a -2 penalty to skill checks. The target must make a Concentration check in order to cast spells. When you drive your weapon, you can choose to hold or release it. If you choose to hold the weapon as an attack action, the target must make a successful combat maneuver check to remove the weapon as a standard action. You continue to wield the weapon if it is removed. If you choose to release the weapon, removing it is a standard action. Whoever removes the weapon can choose to wield it or let it drop to the floor. Removing a driven in weapon deals the weapon’s normal damage.