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All credit and respect to Jans Carton, the developer and creator of the first and greatest 3.0/3.5 SRD site d20srd.org.

All credit and appreciation to each and every person who contributed to pfogc.com. Creation of this site was made substantially easier due to their efforts.

Credit for all of the continuous efforts to keep the d20pfsrd.com Bestiary continually growing goes to the crew working in the Bestiary Conversion Queue.

Brett Carlos - Beast Master I (Editor, and fool who volunteered to manage this chaos)

Vlad Presnyak - Beast Master II (Editor, and all around site workhorse)

And the group we affectionately call the Beast Lords:

  • Aron Marcyzlo (determined to put all of the Adventure Path creatures on the site)
  • Broven (Master of all things Draconic)
  • Jonathan Weismann (Our 3PP Guru)
  • And a cast of dozens who should stop by and add their name here!

The following list of people directly contributed to the site in one way or another:

  • Jim Groves
  • Chris Wooff
  • Denny Edwards
  • Tanner Nielsen
  • Orion Adrian
  • Ken Loupe
  • Curtis Rueden
  • Chad Perrin
  • David Bender
  • Charles Wenzler
  • fopalup
  • Robert Slager
  • Ben Stern
  • Tim Green

The following people contributed ideas, suggestions, or other help other than actual editing of pages:

  • hogarth
  • emontalve
  • inkedmsd
  • matt
  • Papa.DRB
  • Tony Law

If I forgot you then please let me know! If you are a collaborator on this site, please feel free to add your name here!

Lastly, me: John Reyst (technically) the owner of this site.

My contact Information: