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Creating a fantasy setting is in some ways like real life. There are certain things that every world should have. Consistency is one of them.

Type of World(s): (earth-like, what percentage ocean, how many continents/major islands,what type of climates, etc.)
Basic information on weather problems: (hurricanes/typhoons, storms, etc.)
Basic information on geological problems: (earthquakes, volcanoes, etc.)
Name of Government(s):
Type of Government(s): (democracy, democratic republic, republic, socialist, communist, monarchy, oligarchy... and/or describe the government and any quirks it has)
Basic information on the Government(s):
Political Problems Between Governments, if there in more then one:
Name of Leaders, officials, etc.: (can include royalty/nobility here and genders)
Name of Culture(s):
Basic cultural information: (on each culture)
Cultural Taboos: (list any for each culture)
Name of Religion(s):
Religious leader(s) and other titles:
Basic religious information:
Conflicts Between Religions, if there is more then one:
Respected Occupations:
Disrespected Occupations:
Gender roles: (egalitarian, patriarchal, matriarchal)
Relationships: (monogamous, don't have word for monogamy, polygamous, polyandry; is marriage for life, is divorce legal)
Lifespan (avg by gender, occupation, ethnic group, etc.):
Age of Adulthood:
Physical Appearance, including descriptions of: (if there is more then one ethnic group/species, please describe each)
Magical and/or Psionic Qualities, if any: