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Naming Your Character

Finding names is often one of the hardest parts of character creation. There are a lot of sources on-line for wonderful names. Using Google and typing in "baby names" results in millions of options. While Robert might not appeal for a character in a fantasy setting, other real life names might.

My favorite site for naming characters is Baby Names World. It has multiple options for searching names. Since I want a more exotic sounding name, I will click the Advanced Name Search option on the left hand side of the site. That opens a search option. I will choose African. The reason for my choice is that African names are different for me. I then chose options for an African boys name meaning "wise." Of the three options, I found Sekou. It took a few tries to get a name meaning available for African names. It can take patience.

Another option is to create a random name generator. It takes basic knowledge of spreadsheets and some set up time. But it makes life easier when one needs a name at three in the morning and is not overly caring on specific definitions. (Or at 3 AM, name all the Ogres Ug. Will make for interesting conversations.)

Creating names is sometimes necessary. I recommend finding a Scrabble board. Put the pieces in a bag; even a large baggie will work. Shake them well and with draw a few letters. If you need an idea how many to use, chose a couple dice and roll to determine the number of letters to chose. It will take some work rearranging letters, adding vowels, maybe adding a ! or two. Xlkrx is not a pronounceable word. Even for on-line games, names should be somewhat pronounceable.