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VIP's DM screen

Skill Checks

Acrobatics (Dex; ACP)

Surface Width Base Acrobatics DC
> 3 ft 01
1–3 ft 51
7–11 in 10
2–6 in 15
< 2 in 20
1 No check needed unless total DC is 10 or higher.
Situation Base Acrobatics DC2
Move through a threatened area Opponent’s CMD
Move through an enemy’s space 5 + Opponent’s CMD
2 DC to avoid AoO. DC increases by 2 for each additional opponent.
Long Jump Acrobatics DC
5 ft 5
10 ft 10
15 ft 15
20 ft 20
> 20 ft +5 per 5 ft
High Jump Acrobatics DC
1 ft 4
2 ft 8
3 ft 12
4 ft 16
> 4 ft +4 per ft
Acrobatics Modifiers DC Modifier
Lightly Obstructed (gravel, sand) +2
Severely Obstructed (cavern, rubble) +5
Slightly Slippery (wet) +2
Severely Slippery (icy) +5
Slightly Sloped (<45°) +2
Severely Sloped (>45°) +5
Slightly Unsteady (boat in rough water) +2
Mildly Unsteady (boat in a storm) +5
Severely Unsteady (earthquake) +10
Move at full speed on narrow or uneven surfaces +53
3 This does not apply to checks made to jump.

Bluff (Cha)

Circumstances Bluff Modifier
The target wants to believe you +5
The lie is believable +0
The lie is unlikely –5
The lie is far-fetched –10
The lie is impossible –20
The target is drunk or impaired +5
You possess convincing proof up to +10

Climb (Str; ACP)

Climb DC Example Surface or Activity
0 A slope too steep to walk, knotted rope + wall.
5 Rope + wall, knotted rope, rope with rope trick.
10 A surface with ledges (eg ship’s rigging).
15 Surface with handholds (eg tree/natural wall), unknotted rope, pull ups
20 Uneven surface with narrow handholds (eg typical wall in dungeon).
25 A rough surface (eg brick wall)
30 An overhang or ceiling with handholds but no footholds
A perfectly smooth, flat, vertical (or inverted) surface cannot be climbed.
Climb DC Modifier* Example Surface or Activity
–10 Climbing a chimney (brace against two opposite walls).
–5 Climbing a corner where you can brace against perpendicular walls.
+5 Surface is slippery.
* These modifiers are cumulative; use all that apply.

Diplomacy (Cha)

Starting Attitude Diplomacy DC
Hostile 25 + creature's Cha Modifier
Unfriendly 20 + creature's Cha Modifier
Indifferent 15 + creature's Cha Modifier
Friendly 10 + creature's Cha Modifier
Helpful 0 + creature's Cha Modifier
Request Diplomacy Modifier
Give simple advice or directions –5
Give detailed advice +0
Give simple aid +0
Reveal an unimportant secret +5
Give lengthy or complicated aid +5
Give dangerous aid +10
Reveal secret knowledge +10 or more
Give aid that could result in punishment +15 or more
Additional requests +5 per request

Disable Device (Dex; ACP; Trained)

Device Time DC1 Example
Simple 1 round 10 Jam a lock
Tricky 1d4 rounds 15 Sabotage a wagon wheel
Difficult 2d4 rounds 20 Disarm a trap, reset a trap
Extreme 2d4 rounds 25 Disarm a complex trap, cleverly sabotage a clockwork device
1 If you attempt to leave behind no trace of your tampering, add 5 to the DC.
Lock Quality DC
Simple 20
Average 25
Good 30
Amazing 40

Disguise (Cha)

Disguise Disguise Check Modifier
Minor details only +5
Different gender1 –2
Different race1 –2
Different age category1 –22
Different size & category1 -10
1 These modifiers are cumulative; use any that apply.
2 Per step of difference between your actual age category and your disguised age category. The steps are: young (younger than adulthood), adulthood, middle age, old, and venerable.
Familiarity Viewer’s Perception Check Bonus
Recognizes on sight +4
Friends or associates +6
Close friends +8
Intimate +10

Escape Artist (Dex; ACP)

Restraint DC Action/Time
Rope/bindings Binder’s CMB + 20 1 minute
Net, animate rope spell, command plants, control plants, or entangle 20 1 full-round action
Snare spell 23 1 full-round action
Manacles (normal) 30 1 minute
Tight space 30 at least 1 minute
Manacles (masterwork) 35 1 minute
Grapple or pin Grappler’s CMD standard action

Fly (Dex; ACP)

Flying Maneuver Fly DC
Move less than half speed and remain flying 10
Hover 15
Turn greater than 45° by spending 5 feet of movement 15
Turn 180° by spending 10 feet of movement 20
Fly up at a greater than 45° angle 20
Wind Force Wind Speed Checked Size Blown Away Size Fly Penalty
Light 0–10 mph
Moderate 11–20 mph
Strong 21–30 mph Tiny –2
Severe 31–50 mph Small Tiny –4
Windstorm 51–74 mph Medium Small –8
Hurricane 75–174 mph Large Medium –12
Tornado 175+ mph Huge Large –16

Handle Animal (Cha; Trained)

Task Handle Animal DC
Handle an animal 10
“Push” an animal 25
Teach an animal a trick 15 or 20
Train an animal for a general purpose 15 or 20
Rear a wild animal 15 + HD of animal

Heal (Wis)

Task DC Time
First aid 15 Standard Action
Long-term care 15 8 hours
Treat wounds from caltrops, spike growth, or spike stones 15 10 minutes
Treat deadly wounds 20 1 hour
Treat poison Poison’s save DC Standard Action
Treat disease Disease’s save DC 10 minutes


Actions in Combat

Standard Action Attack of Opportunity1
Attack (melee) No
Attack (ranged) Yes
Attack (unarmed) Yes
Activate a magic item other than a potion or oil No
Aid another Maybe2
Cast a spell (1 standard action casting time) Yes
Channel energy No
Concentrate to maintain an active spell No
Dismiss a spell No
Draw a hidden weapon (see Sleight of Hand skill) No
Drink a potion or apply an oil Yes
Escape a grapple No
Feint No
Light a torch with a tindertwig Yes
Lower spell resistance No
Read a scroll Yes
Ready (triggers a standard action) No
Stabilize a dying friend (see Heal skill) Yes
Total defense No
Use extraordinary ability No
Use skill that takes 1 action Usually
Use spell-like ability Yes
Use supernatural ability No
Move Action Attack of Opportunity1
Move Yes
Control a frightened mount Yes
Direct or redirect an active spell No
Draw a weapon3 No
Load a hand crossbow or light crossbow Yes
Open or close a door No
Mount/dismount a steed No
Move a heavy object Yes
Pick up an item Yes
Sheathe a weapon Yes
Stand up from prone Yes
Ready or drop a shield3 No
Retrieve a stored item Yes
Full-Round Action Attack of Opportunity1
Full attack No
Charge4 No
Deliver coup de grace Yes
Escape from a net Yes
Extinguish flames No
Light a torch Yes
Load a heavy or repeating crossbow Yes
Lock or unlock weapon in locked gauntlet Yes
Prepare to throw splash weapon Yes
Run Yes
Use skill that takes 1 round Usually
Use a touch spell on up to six friends Yes
Withdraw4 No
Free Action Attack of Opportunity1
Cease concentration on a spell No
Drop an item No
Drop to the floor No
Prepare spell components to cast a spell5 No
Speak No
Swift Action Attack of Opportunity1
Cast a quickened spell No
Immediate Action Attack of Opportunity1
Cast feather fall No
No Action Attack of Opportunity1
Delay No
5-foot step No
Action Type Varies Attack of Opportunity1
Perform a combat maneuver6 Yes
Use feat7 Varies
1 Regardless of the action, if you move out of a threatened square, you usually provoke an attack of opportunity. This column indicates whether the action itself, not moving, provokes an attack of opportunity.
2 If you aid someone performing an action that would normally provoke an attack of opportunity, then the act of aiding another provokes an attack of opportunity as well.
3 If you have a base attack bonus of +1 or higher, you can combine one of these actions with a regular move. If you have the Two-Weapon Fighting feat, you can draw two light or one-handed weapons in the time it would normally take you to draw one.
4 May be taken as a standard action if you are limited to taking only a single action in a round.
5 Unless the component is an extremely large or awkward item.
6 Some combat maneuvers substitute for a melee attack, not an action. As melee attacks, they can be used once in an attack or charge action, one or more times in a full-attack action, or even as an attack of opportunity. Others are used as a separate action.
7 The description of a feat defines its effect.

Size Bonuses and Penalties

Size AC/Attack CMB/CMD Fly Skill Stealth Skill
Fine +8 –8 +8 +16
Diminutive +4 –4 +6 +12
Tiny +2 –2 +4 +8
Small +1 –1 +2 +4
Medium +0 +0 +0 +0
Large –1 +1 –2 –4
Huge –2 +2 –4 –8
Gargantuan –4 +4 –6 –12
Colossal –8 +8 –8 –16

Combat Maneuver Summary

CM Stats Description
CMB BAB + Str mod + CM size mod
CMD 10 + BAB + Str mod + Dex mod + CM size mod + non-physical AC mods
Combat Maneuver Summary
Bull Rush Push target 5 ft1
Disarm Target drops 1 item (2 if exceeds CMD by 10)
Grapple Target and attacker gain grappled condition
Overrun Move through target (target prone if exceeds CMD by 5)
Sunder Deal damage to item held or worn by target
Trip Knock target prone (attacker prone if fail by 10)
APG CM Summary
Dirty Trick Inflict a condition on target for 1 rnd1
Drag Pull target 5 ft1
Reposition Move target 5 ft within your reach1
Steal Take exposed item from target2
1 Effect occurs again for every 5 by which the check exceeds CMD (extra 5 ft, extra 1 rnd, etc)
2 Can only take items that are removable and not actively held by target, who gets bonus on CMD of +5 or more if item securely attached.

Attack Roll Modifiers

Attacker is… Melee Ranged
Dazzled –1 –1
Entangled or grappled –21 –21
Flanking defender +2
Invisible +22 +22
On higher ground +1 +0
Prone –4 3
Shaken or frightened –2 –2
Squeezing through a space –4 –4
1 Character also takes a –4 penalty to Dexterity, which may affect his attack roll.
2 The defender loses any Dexterity bonus to AC.
3 Most ranged weapons can't be used while the attacker is prone, but you can use a crossbow or shuriken while prone at no penalty.

Armor Class Modifiers

Defender is… Melee Ranged
Behind cover +4 +4
Blinded –21 –21
Concealed or invisible See Concealment
Cowering –21 –21
Entangled +02 +02
Flat-footed +01 +01
Grappling (but attacker is not) +0 +0
Helpless –43 +03
Kneeling or sitting –2 +2
Pinned –43 +03
Prone –4 +4
Squeezing through a space –4 –4
Stunned –21 –21
1 The defender loses any Dexterity bonus to AC.
2 An entangled character takes a –4 penalty to Dexterity.
3 The defender is denied its Dexterity bonus to Armor Class.

Equipment Hardness and Hitpoints

Weapon or Shield Hardness1 (+2/enhance bonus) Hit Points2 (+10/enhance bonus)
Light blade 10 2
One-handed blade 10 5
Two-handed blade 10 10
Light metal-hafted weapon 10 10
One-handed metal-hafted weapon 10 20
Light hafted weapon 5 2
One-handed hafted weapon 5 5
Two-handed hafted weapon 5 10
Projectile weapon 5 5
Armor 10 armor bonus × 5
Buckler 10 5
Light wooden shield 5 7
Heavy wooden shield 5 15
Light steel shield 10 10
Heavy steel shield 10 20
Tower shield 5 20
1 Value for standard wood or steel as appropriate. For other materials, see substance table.
2 Value for Medium equipment. Divide by 2/category smaller or multiply by 2/category larger.

Substance Hardness and Hit Points

Substance Hardness Hit Points
Glass 1 1/in. of thickness
Paper or cloth 0 2/in. of thickness
Rope 0 2/in. of thickness
Ice 0 3/in. of thickness
Leather or hide 2 5/in. of thickness
Wood 5 10/in. of thickness
Stone 8 15/in. of thickness
Iron or steel 10 30/in. of thickness
Mithral 15 30/in. of thickness
Adamantine 20 40/in. of thickness

Common Object Hardness and Hit Points

Object Hardness Hit Points Break DC
Rope (1 in. diameter) 0 2 23
Simple wooden door 5 10 13
Small chest 5 1 17
Good wooden door 5 15 18
Treasure chest 5 15 23
Strong wooden door 5 20 23
Masonry wall (1 ft. thick) 8 90 35
Hewn stone (3 ft. thick) 8 540 50
Chain 10 5 26
Manacles 10 10 26
Masterwork manacles 10 10 28
Iron door (2 in. thick) 10 60 28

DCs to Break or Burst Items

Strength Check to: DC1
Break down simple door 132
Break down good door 182
Break down strong door 232
Burst rope bonds 23
Bend iron bars 24
Break down barred door 252
Burst chain bonds 26
Break down iron door 282
Condition DC Adjustment (use larger)
Hold portal +5
Arcane lock +10
1 If an item has lost half or more of its hit points, the item gains the broken condition and the DC to break it drops by 2.
2 Larger and smaller creatures get size bonuses and size penalties on Strength checks to break open doors as follows: Fine –16, Diminutive –12, Tiny –8, Small –4, Large +4, Huge +8, Gargantuan +12, Colossal +16.

Concentration Check DCs

Situation Concentration Check DC
Cast defensively 15 + double spell level
Injured while casting 10 + damage dealt + spell level
Continuous damage while casting 10 + 1/2 damage dealt + spell level
Affected by a non-damaging spell while casting DC of the spell + spell level
Grappled or pinned while casting 10 + grappler's CMB + spell level
Vigorous motion while casting 10 + spell level
Violent motion while casting 15 + spell level
Extremely violent motion while casting 20 + spell level
Wind with rain or sleet while casting 5 + spell level
Wind with hail and debris while casting 10 + spell level
Weather caused by spell see spell
Entangled while casting 15 + spell level

Underwater Combat

Condition Attack/Damage Movement Off Balance?
(Loses dex to AC,
opponents get +2 to hit)
Slashing or Bludgeoning Piercing
Freedom of movement normal/normal normal/normal normal No
Has a swim speed –2/half normal normal No
Successful Swim check –2/half1 normal quarter or half2 No
Firm footing –2/half1 normal half No
None of the above –2/half1 –2/half normal Yes
1 A creature without freedom of movement effects or a swim speed makes grapple checks underwater at a –2 penalty, but deals damage normally when grappling.
2 A successful Swim check lets a creature move one-quarter its speed as a move action or one-half its speed as a full-round action.
Ranged Weapons: Thrown weapons are ineffective underwater, even when launched from land. Attacks with other ranged weapons take a –2 penalty on attack rolls for every 5 feet of water they pass through, in addition to the normal penalties for range.
Attacks from Land: Characters in water (at least chest deep) have improved cover (+8 bonus to AC, +4 bonus on Reflex saves) from opponents on land. Completely submerged characters have total cover.


Condition Description
Blinded Creature takes a -2 penalty to AC, loses Dex bonus to AC, and takes a -4 penalty on most Str- and Dex-based skill checks and on opposed Perception skill checks. All opponents are considered to have total concealment (50% miss chance) against the blinded character. Creatures must make a DC 10 Acrobatics skill check to move faster than half speed or fall prone.
Broken Weapons suffer a -2 penalty on attack and damage rolls and only score a critical hit on a natural 20 and only deal X2 damage. Armor and shields grant half AC bonus and double armor check penalty. Broken wands or staves use twice as many chages.
Confused 01-25: Act normally, 26-50: Babble for one round, 51-75: Deal 1d8 + Str damage to self, 76-100: Attack nearest creature.
Entangled No movement if bonds are anchored, otherwise move at half speed. Creature takes a -2 penalty on all attack rolls and a -4 penalty to Dex. Must make concentration check to cast spells.
Exhausted Creature moves at half speed. -6 penalty to Str and Dex. Rest 1 hour to become fatigued.
Fatigued Creature cannot run or charge. -2 penalty to Str and Dex. Rest 8 hours to remove.
Frightened As shaken, except creature must flee from source.
Grappled Creature cannot move or take action that requires 2 hands. -4 penalty to Dex. -2 penalty to attacks and combat maneuvers (except checks made to maintain or escape). Must make concentration check to cast spells. Cannot take attacks of opportunity.
Nauseated Creature can only take a move action and cannot attack, cast spells, or concentrate.
Panicked As Frightened, except creature drops held items.
Paralyzed Creature's Str and Dex reduced to 0. Fliers using wings fall. Creature is helpless.
Pinned As grappled, except creature is flat-footed, takes a -4 penalty to AC, and can only take verbal or mental actions (except checks made to escape).
Shaken Creature takes a -2 penalty on attack rolls, saving throws, skill checks, and ability checks.
Sickened Creature takes a -2 penalty on all attack rolls, weapon damage rolls, saving throws, skill checks, and ability checks.
Staggered Creature can only take a move action or standard action (plus swift and immediate).
Stunned Creature cannot take actions, drops everything held, takes a -2 penalty to AC, and loses its Dex bonus to AC (if any).