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Black Mithril Raven of Kishar

minor artifact

Aura faint transmutation; CL special

Slot —; Weight 2 lbs.


This beautiful and superbly intricate figurine of a raven is made of black mithril, one of the rarest materials in the world. Each feather is uniquely shaped and the shimmering metal almost appears to move when the air moves around it. The glossy black eyes seem to betray a sly intelligence.

The figurine is not a real statue, it is in truth a real bird transformed into a toy by a cruel nature goddess many eons ago. It is indeed a raven, a very intelligent bird. This raven is said to have been a servant to a powerful wizard in its time, but its memories have faded over the ages. Once awakened, it will be happy to find another master to bond with and serve as he did in his previous life.

The command word to awaken the raven has been lost to the eons, along with the history of its master and the story of its creation. It is said that when a descendant of his former owner who carries the same spark holds the figurine, the knowledge of its true form and the long-lost command word to bring the bird back to life will come to him. To all others, it is simply a beautiful figurine. The figurine radiates a magic aura, but all attempts to identify the magical properties fail, as this type of magic has been lost for so long that nothing similar exists today.

The person who bonds to this figurine will understand the properties of this creature which has been melded with an object through divine magic. The owner may transform the figurine into the bird and visa versa as a standard action as long as he is touching it. This is an activated supernatural ability of the bird.

Unfortunately, the magic forces the mind of the bird out of its body when it is turned to metal, so it is treated as unconscious while in that form. Further, black mithril is a soft and malleable metal, so that form does not convey any benefits to the bird, it is as fragile as it was in its living form - if it dies in its living form or is broken in its figurine form, the magic ceases to function and the creature dies. The bird can bond with a master and become a helpful familiar to it, but as the mind is displaced from the body in the figurine form, the master can't draw any benefits from it in that form. In this case, the caster level of the figurine in item form is equal to the caster level of its master.