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Bestiary Linking Guidelines

Fully and correctly linked currently means:

  • the name is not linked
  • the base monster (if applicable) is linked as well as any templates or classes
  • the type and all subtypes is linked (with anchors)
  • all skills and feats are linked
  • all special senses, abilities, attacks, and qualities that are not described in the monster entry are linked (common ones like immunities don't need to be linked)
  • all spells and spell-like abilities are properly linked
  • all bolded sections are NOT linked (eg Str, Dex, Con, CMB, CMD, SR, or Spell-Like abilities should not be linked in the stat block)
  • all AC modifiers are linked
  • the tactics section is not linked (italics should still be inserted as appropriate)
  • the first instance of each term should be linked in each paragraph of description - ie if the word "grapple" occurs 10 times in the description of an ability, the first instance should be linked, but the other should be removed... this makes things less a sea of links and more readable