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SpesMagna's Lab


It's great to be here to contribute to Pathfinder when I'm not busy over at EN World or working on Spes Magna Games projects. I've found the best way to learn the ins and outs of an RPG from a DM's perspective is to focus on character and monster creation. As time permits, I'm going to build my own bestiary here.


Aengus the Wanderer (CR 1)
Afanc (CR 11)
Barracuda, Dire (CR 5)
Baykok* (CR 3)
Carnivorous Flying Squirrel (CR 1/4)
Electric Eel, Dire (CR 4)
Ghoul Child (CR 1/2)
Giant Demon Gnoll (CR 3)
Hound of Hell (CR 3)
Jadeling (CR 6)
Madadh (CR 3)
One-Eyed Baboon (CR 1)
Paper Tiger (CR 1/2)
Peep of Doom (CR 1/2)
Phabula Phinphoom (CR 2)
Phororhacos (CR 6)
Steampunk Lincoln (CR 6)
Victor (The Doom in Iron) (CR 20)
Wendigo* (CR 6)

* Originally featured with standard 3.5 stats in the Quid Novi? newsletter.