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Tracking Page

Welcome to the Bestiary Conversion Queue tracking page!  This is where you can see what needs to be converted, and volunteer to convert creatures.  You'll see the listing for the 3.5 Adventure Paths, Tome of Horrors Revised, and Advanced Bestiary below.  Other spreadsheets for other OGL products are in the works and coming soon!  Special thanks to Arianian for the spreadsheet idea. 

Note:  to view the the spreadsheet, you must be signed in.  Click on the tab under the spreadsheet to access and sign up for a conversion.  Any monster with an empty status condition is open to be worked on. 

Review Key (Please use these terms in the spreadsheet's status column)

Audited:  Items marked "audited" have been posted prior to the institution of a review process.  They have subsequently been reviewed for minimum quality standards. 

Audit Needed:  Items marked as "Audit Needed" have been posted on the site, but will be audited over the next few months for proper placement, linking, mathematical accuracy and Section 15. 

Posted:  Items marked as "posted" have been completed and gone through our Review process previously.

Thanks for your help! 

Adventure Paths

Adventure Path Monster List

Tome of Horrors Revised
Special Note:  Monsters from this book have very strict Section 15 requirements due to copyright restrictions.  If you are not sure about the Section 15, post the monster to the Bestiary Review Queue noting the Section 15 needs attention.  Thank you.

Tome of Horrors Revised Monster List