As part of my campaign world I have created some simple rules for eunuchs that may be applied to various sapient races. Their presence in the world is of cultural significance, but it was important to me to represent some of the qualities that have, historically or medically, been associated with eunuchs in the real world.


Eunuchs are men (or males of other sapient species) who have been totally castrated, usually in order to take a niche role in society in which certain characteristics of non-eunuchs are unwanted.

Bonuses: +3 Cha; +2 Perform (Sing); +15 years longevity
Penalties: -4 Dex, -2 Con


Ability scores

Dex Eunuchs tend to grow heavier than normal, with less muscle tone (but not necessarily less muscle). As a result their dexterity is reduced.

Con Eunuchs often suffer skeletal problems, similar to osteoporosis, making them less physically resilient. Their constitution score should reflect this.

Cha Historically, eunuchs have been described as better looking (particularly in the face) than non-castrated men. They do not suffer baldness, for instance. As a result of this and the unusual quality of their voices eunuchs receive a bonus to charisma.

Skill bonus

Perform (Sing) Castration has often been used to preserve the pure tones of a boy's voice, usually in particularly fine singers. Even in singers of moderate talent the boyish sound of a eunuch's voice lends a special quality.


It is a common feature of castrated, spayed and neutered creatures that they live longer, on average, than others. Thus, a eunuch's maximum age is increased by +15 years.

Roleplaying a Eunuch

From a role playing point of view there are a couple of extra things to consider. Eunuchs tend to be much less aggressive than other males and are often considered very loyal if they have a master. A eunuch is less likely to pursue a course in life motivated by their own ambitions and will likely devote their energies to whatever role they find themselves in.

It is also important to remember that a eunuch has no libido, this historically being a particular reason for their castration. A eunuch character is expected never to pursue romance. This has also been cited as a reason for lower competitive impulses.

Applying the Eunuch rules

If a GM decides to use the eunuch qualities suggested above, or others based thereupon, it is their choice how this is executed. In my own games I consider eunuch a humanoid racial subtype. That is to say that any humanoid race may receive the eunuch subtype.