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Satinder Hawkes's Lab

This is my custom house rules and homebrew content. It is rough, unpolished, and subject to change at any time. In fact, unless otherwise noted, assume that any "rules" posted here are more like, "things I'm poking at with a stick to see what happens." Some of the house rules that I'm tinkering with are things like:

  • An active (as opposed to a turn-based) combat system (HUGE project, if it ever happens).
  • Better "Armor as Damage Reduction" rules and various changes to the simulational concepts and mechanics of armor, "hits", "critical hits", and HP/Damage.
  • Improvements/alterations to various classes and existing systems (e.g. fighters, monks, rogues, feint, sneak attack in general)
I'm also toying with an idea that I'm currently calling "power sources" (e.g. Faith, Magic, Nobility, Wealth, etc.). The long-term (emphasis on "long") goal behind this idea is to separate spell-casting from the classes and, instead, allow characters to become powerful in a variety of ways independent of their class. For instance, a fighter with the Faith power source would effectively be a Paladin, a rogue with the Wealth power source might be able to call on a standing army or a band of mercenaries that would effectively allow him to counter (or, at least, address) a wizard's ability to summon allies, and while a wizard would undoubtedly have an investment in the Magic power source, he might also have a few points in the Nobility power source and gain some clout in social situations due to his standing as a duke's cousin.

It's a very rough idea, but I think it has some potential. Anyway, check back occasionally if you're interested in any of this crazy stuff!