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Richard's Druid Variants

Nature Embraced Druid

Druids have their own societies and hierarchies; and where all druids have a deep-rooted connection to the natural – not all embrace it in the same way. Some druids shun the unnatural forces of magic, choosing instead to embrace nature ever more fiercely. Such druids are akin to animals far more so than the normal druid – donning fur and claw easier than a cloak of civilization. They give up much compared to their brethren, but in return they wield nature far more fiercely than others.

A druid that chooses to be nature embraced gives up both spell casting and spell progression as well as the nature’s bond class feature. In exchange a nature embraced druid gains two things:

Improved Wildshape
A nature embraced druid wild shapes as a normal druid two levels higher. In other words the duration, frequency and options available for wild shaping for a nature embraced druid is that of a normal druid two levels higher. This allows the nature embraced to use wild shape from level 2 onwards. This also allows them to wild shape at will from level 18 onwards. At 20th level, whenever a druid wild shapes she may gain an additional +4 bonus to an attribute score of her choice, this bonus is retained until she wild shapes again (thus she retains the bonus should she revert to her natural form).

Nature’s Fury
A nature embraced druid is able to channel domains similar to a domain philosopher as detailed next: at level 1 a nature embraced druid may chose a number of domains equal to her unmodified Charisma modifier (minimum 1) from the list of druid domains given below. At 2nd level and every 4 levels after that a nature embraced druid may chose one additional domain from the list of druid domains below. She may channel domains a number of times a day equal to twice her druid level. The level of the nature embraced’s domain channel is equal to that of a domain philosopher cleric of the same level. The DC of the nature embraced’s domain channel is equal to 10 + half druid level + Charisma modifier.

Druid domain list: air, animal, community, darkness, earth, fire, healing, plant, strength, sun, travel, water, and weather.

A nature embraced druid can gain the Domain Study feat but must first chose from the druid domain list. If a nature embraced druid runs out of domains to pick from her druid domain list, she may instead chose any domain.

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