City of Seven Spears (#39)

Italicized descriptive text here. There should be no hyperlinks in this section.


Gender race class level {{most Bestiary monster entries don't include gender/class/race/level, but the orc warrior includes race, class, and level because the default orc has a race, class, and level.}}
N Size type (subtype1, subtype 2) Note: types and subtypes are NOT capitalized
Init +ZZ; Senses special senses alphabetized ## ft.; Perception +ZZ
Aura ZZ


AC ZZ, touch ZZ, flat-footed ZZ (+ZZ armor, +ZZ deflection, +ZZ Dex, +ZZ natural, +ZZ shield, +ZZ size)
hp ZZ (ZZdZZ+ZZ); fast healing ZZ; regeneration ZZ (conditions)
Fort +ZZ; Ref +ZZ; Will +ZZ; +4 vs. X, +4 resistance vs. Y
Defensive Abilities all defensive abilities except the following, listed alphabetically; DR amount/type; Immune acid/cold/fire/etc.; Resist acid/etc; SR ZZ
Weaknesses ZZ


Speed ZZ ft., climb ZZ ft., swim ZZ ft.
Melee ZZweapon +ZZ (ZZdZZ+ZZ), ZZweapon +ZZ (ZZdZZ+ZZ plus grab), ZZweapon +ZZ (ZZdZZ+ZZ plus 1d6 fire)
Ranged ZZweapon +ZZ (ZZdZZ+ZZ), ZZweapon +ZZ (ZZdZZ+ZZ), ZZweapon +ZZ (ZZdZZ+ZZ)
Space ZZ ft.; Reach ZZ ft. (special reach, like a dragon's bite) {{Don't list entry if Space and Range both equal 5 ft.}}
Special Attacks ZZ
Spell-Like Abilities (CL ZZth/nd/st; concentration +ZZ)

At will—spellname (DC ZZ), spellname (DC ZZ)
1/day—spellname (DC ZZ), spellname (DC ZZ)

ZZclassname Spells Known (CL ZZth/nd/st; concentration +ZZ)

1st (ZZ/day)—spellname (DC ZZ), spellname (DC ZZ)

ZZclassname Spells Prepared (CL ZZth/nd; concentration +ZZ)

1st—spellname (#, DC ZZ) {{only include the # if it has more than one of this prepared}}
0—spellname (DC ZZ), spellname (DC ZZ)


Before Combat any tactics typically used by this creature or general guidelines for the creature's preferences before combat.

During Combat any tactics typically used by this creature or general guidelines for the creature's preferences in combat.

Morale any morale notes.


Str ZZ, Dex ZZ, Con ZZ, Int ZZ, Wis ZZ, Cha ZZ
Base Atk +ZZ; CMB +ZZ; CMD XX (ZZ vs. specific attack)
Feats Feat, Feat, Feat {{list bonus feats with a superscript B)}}
Skills Skill +ZZ, Skill +ZZ, Skill +ZZ, Skill +ZZ (+ZZ conditional); Racial Modifiers +ZZ skill, +ZZ skill
Languages Language, Language, Language; special communications
SQ add all special qualities here, listed alphabetically. Any quality listed here will be described under Special Abilities below.
Combat Gear gear used in combat; Other Gear gear not used in combat (or just Gear if no division)


Special1 (Ex/Sp/Su)


Special2 (Ex/Sp/Su)