(Fastplay) Swim

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    Restriction: you cannot take 10 in stormy weather
    DC Base: 10 (calm water)
    DC Base: 15 (rough water)
    DC Base: 20 (stormy water)
    DC Modifier: creature with Swim can take 10 even if threatened or distracted, can run in a straight line
    Dice Modifier: +8 when creature has swim speed and is avoiding hazard or special action
    Check Frequency: 1 per round while in the water
    Success: apply movement
    Failure: <= 4 you make no progress
    Failure: >=5 you go underwater
    Distance: per movement
    Speed: half, quarter
    Time: full-round action at half speed
    Time: move action at quarter speed
Avoid Fatigue (Non-Lethal Damage)
    DC Base: 10
    Check Frequency: 1 per hour
    Failure: take 1d6 points of non-lethal damage from fatigue
Hold Your Breath
    DC Base: 10 + Con bonus
    DC Modifier: +1 to the DC when underwater
    Check Frequency: check every round to continue holding your breath
    Success: you continue to hold your breath
    Failure: you begin to drown
    Time: Con x 2 in rounds, move only or free actions, reduced by 1 round for each standard or full-round action
    Time: 1 per hour when swimming above water of take nonlethal (fatigue damage)
Other Notes
    Bonus In: +2 Athletic (feat)
    Bonus In: +4 Athletic (feat) + Swim (10 ranks)
    D20: Swim