(Fastplay) Stealth

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    Restriction: you cannot attack, run or charge when using Stealth
    Restriction: you cannot use Stealth under direct observation
    DC Base: opposed Perception check
    DC Modifier: -5 when moving > half speed but < full speed
    Dice Modifier: -20 penalty when using Stealth and sniping from within at least 10 feet of a target
    Dice Modifier: +40 invisible and immobile
    Dice Modifier: +20 invisible and moving
    Dice Modifier: -10 when moving from direct observation to cover to Stealth
    Dice Modifier: +16 size fine
    Dice Modifier: +12 size diminutive
    Dice Modifier: +8 size tiny
    Dice Modifier: +4 size small
    Dice Modifier: +0 size medium
    Dice Modifier: -4 size large
    Dice Modifier: -8 size huge
    Dice Modifier: -12 size gargantuan
    Dice Modifier: -16 size colossal
    Check Frequency: per use, when coming under notice
    Success: your observer fails to notice you
    Failure: your observer notices you
    Time: per movement
    Time: move action (when sniping)
    Distance: per movement
    Speed: half, between > half speed and < full speed
Creating a Diversion
    Restriction: you must use Bluff to create a diversion while people are aware of you
Final Notes
    Bonus In: +2 Stealthy (feat)
    Bonus In: +4 Stealthy (feat) + Stealth (10 ranks)
    D20: Hide + Move Silently