(Fastplay) Sleight of Hand

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Sleight of Hand
    Restriction: you cannot use during combat when the creature is aware of you
    Restriction: automatic failure when untrained and DC > 10
    Restriction: drawing a hidden weapon, does not provoke AOO with Sleight of Hand
    DC Base: 10 (palm a small object or other minor feat of legerdemain)
    DC Base: 20 (lift small object from person); opposed by Perception to notice the attempt
    DC Base: opposed Perception when closely observed or being searched (frisked)
    DC Modifier: +10 for retry after failure on same target
    Dice Modifier: +4 Perception bonus when searching (frisking) for an object
    Dice Modifier: +4 Sleight of hand to conceal exceptionally small items
    Dice Modifier: +2 bonus for baggy clothing
    Dice Modifier: +2 bonus for concealing a dagger
    Dice Modifier: -20 to perform as a move action
    Check Frequency: per use
    Success: you succeed at the activity you were attempting
    Failure: you fail at the activity you were attempting and might be noticed
    Time: 1 standard action (drawing a hidden weapon)
    Time: move action
Final Notes
    Bonus In: +2 Deft Hands (feat)
    Bonus In: +4 Deft Hands (feat) + Sleight of Hand (10 ranks)
    D20: Sleight of Hand