(Fastplay) Ride

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    DC Base: 5 (guide with knees)
    DC Base: 5 (stay in saddle)
    DC Base: 10 (fight using a combat-trained mount)
    DC Base: 15 (cover)
    DC Base: 15 (soft fall)
    DC Base: 15 (leap)
    DC Base: 15 (spur mount)
    DC Base: 20 (control mount in battle)
    DC Base: 20 (fast mount or dismount)
    Dice Modifier: -5 if mount is ill suited to be used as a mount
    Dice Modifier: -5 when riding bareback
    Dice Modifier: +2 military saddle to stay in saddle
    Check Frequency: per subtask use
Typical Actions
    Definition: typical actions are saddle, mount, ride and dismount
    Check Frequency: no check
    Time: 10 minutes to saddle
    Time: 1 move action to mount, ride or dismount
    Success: automatic
Guide With Knees
    Check Frequency: start of you turn
    Success: you can use both hands in combat
    Failure: you must use at least one hand to ride
    Time: no action
Stay In Saddle
    Check Frequency: when taking damage or falling from your saddle
    Success: you stay in your saddle
    Failure: you fall from your saddle, take damage and land prone
    Time: no action
Use Your Mount as Cover
    Restriction: you cannot attack or cast spells
    Success: you receive full cover benefit
    Failure: you receive no cover benefit
    Time: immediate action
    Time: move action to recover riding position
Fight Using a Combat-Trained Mount
    Success: you and your mount can attack normally
    Failure: only your mount attacks normally
    Time: free action
Soft Fall
    Success: you take no damage and land on your feet
    Failure: you fall from your mount, take 1d6 damage and land prone
    Time: no action
Leap Obstacles
    Success: you take no damage and leap the obstacle
    Failure: you fall from your mount, take 1d6 damage and land prone
    Time: no action (counts as mount movement)
    Distance: mount's Jump modifier or your Ride modifier, whichever is lower
Spur Mount to Greater Speed
    Restriction: automatic failure if your mount is fatigued
    Restriction: mount is fatigued after a number rounds equal to Con score
    Success: +10 feet for 1 round, 1d3 damage to mount
    Failure: your mount moves at regular speed
    Time: no action
Control Mount Not Trained for Combat
    Success: you control your mount
    Failure: you spend the round controlling your mount
    Time: 1 standard action on success
    Time: 1 full-round action on failure
Fast Mount or Dismount
    Restriction: applicable up to only one size category larger than you
    Restriction: you must have a move action available
    Success: you dismount as a free action
    Failure: you dismount as a move action
    Time: free action on success
    Time: move action on failure
Final Notes
    Bonus In: +2 Animal Affinity (feat)
    Bonus In: +4 Animal Affinity (feat) + Ride (10 ranks)
    Other: Ride is prerequisite for Mounted Archery, Mounted Combat, Ride-By-Attack, Spirited Charge and Trample
    D20: Ride