(Fastplay) Perform

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    Restriction: you must choose the level of performance you're attempting
    Dice Modifier: +2 masterwork musical instrument
    Dice Modifier: -2 biased audience; retry after failure on same audience
    Check Frequency: per performance
    Failure: your audience is unimpressed by the performance (GM discretion)
    Failure: you earn nothing for your performance
    Time: GM discretion
Routine Performance (Street Performance/Begging)
    DC Base: 10
    Success: you earn 1d10 cp/day
Enjoyable Performance
    DC Base: 15
    Success: you earn 1d10 sp/day in a prosperous city
Great Performance
    DC Base: 20
    Success: you earn 3d10 sp/day in a prosperous city
    Success: you may be invited to join a professional troupe and may develop a regional reputation
Memorable Performance
    DC Base: 25
    Success: you earn 1d6 gp/day in a prosperous city
    Success: you may come to the attention of noble patrons and develop a national reputation
Extraordinary Performance
    DC Base: 30
    Success: you earn 3d6 gp/day in a prosperous city
    Success: you may draw attention from distant patrons, or even from extraplanar beings
Final Notes
    Other Notes: see class description for Bard-specific performance abilities
    D20: Perform