(Fastplay) Fly

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    Restriction: must be capable of flying or gliding to take ranks
    Restriction: this skill does not give you the ability to fly
    Restriction: you must sacrifice 5 feet of movement per 45° turn
    Restriction: you must sacrifice 10 feet of movement when making a 180° turn
    DC Base: 10 (move less than half speed and remain flying)
    DC Base: 15 (hover)
    DC Base: 15 (turn greater than 45° by spending 5 feet of movement)
    DC Base: 20 (turn 180° by spending 10 feet of movement)
    DC Base: 20 (fly up at greater than 45° angle)
    Dice Modifier: -8 clumsy flier
    Dice Modifier: -4 poor flier
    Dice Modifier: +0 average flier
    Dice Modifier: +4 good flier
    Dice Modifier: +8 perfect flier
    Dice Modifier: -8 size colossal flier
    Dice Modifier: -6 size gargantuan flier
    Dice Modifier: -4 size huge flier
    Dice Modifier: -2 size large flier
    Dice Modifier: +0 size medium flier
    Dice Modifier: +2 size small flier
    Dice Modifier: +4 size tiny flier
    Dice Modifier: +6 size diminutive flier
    Dice Modifier: +8 size fine flier
    Check Frequency: when flying at less than half speed
    Check Frequency: when hovering
    Check Frequency: when turning tighter than 45°
    Check Frequency: when ascending faster than half speed, at an angle of 45°
    Check Frequency: when descending at faster than normal speed at any angle
    Check Frequency: when turning 180°
    Success: you succeed at the maneuver
    Failure: >= 5 when winged you plummet to the ground, take falling, land prone
    Failure: >= 5 you fail to make the maneuver (GM discretion)
    Time: per movement
    Distance: per movement
    Speeds: half, full
Avoid Falling Damage
    Restriction: you cannot make this check when falling due to a failed flight check
    Restriction: you cannot make this check when involved in a midair collision
    DC Base: 10
    Success: you negate all falling damage
    Failure: you take falling damage
Attacked/Damaged During Winged Flight
    Restriction: failure does not provoke AOO
    Restriction: failure does not count toward your movement
    DC Base: 10
    Success: you maintain your current altitude
    Failure: you lose 10 feet of altitude
Midair Collision During Winged Flight
    Definition: colliding with flying creature your size or larger
    DC Base: 25
    Success: you maintain your current altitude
    Failure: you plummet to the ground, take falling damage and land prone
High Wind Speed
    DC Base: 20
    Dice Modifier: -2 (strong wind, 21-30 mph)
    Dice Modifier: -4 (severe wind, 31-50 mph)
    Dice Modifier: -8 (windstorm, 51-74 mph)
    Dice Modifier: -12 (hurricane, 75-174 mph)
    Dice Modifier: -16 (tornado, 175+ mph)
    Check Frequency: 1 per round while airborne
    Success: you maintain your current flight pattern
    Failure: DC 25 skill check or your blown back 2d6 x 10 feet and take 2d6 hp non-lethal damage
Final Notes
    Bonus In: +3 bat familiar
    Bonus In: +2 Acrobatic (feat)
    Bonus In: +4 Acrobatic (feat) + Fly (10 ranks)