Fast Play Skills

The Fast Play Skills reference is intended to make skill use arbitration way faster by collecting all the variables in one place under essentially object-oriented categories. This reference isn't intended to replace the existing skill descriptions or rules nor capture all the subtle nuances.  However, this reference is a much faster way to reference the skills system, with the goal of speeding up skill play. 

The reference assumes you've read the skill descriptions and understand how they work at least in a general way.

How the Fast Play Skill Reference is Laid Out

Mandatory Skill Properties

Below are the bare minimum properties for a skill to be functional.
  1. DC Base: what is the base difficulty class for the skill?
  2. Check Frequency: how often do I have to make a skill check?
  3. Success: what happens on a single tier of success?
  4. Failure: what happens on a single tier of failure?
Optional Skill Properties
  1. Restriction: what restrictions apply to this skill? this comes first so you can stop here when you don't meet the restriction
  2. Definition: defines a term unique to the description of the skill
  3. DC Modifier: what are the DC modifiers for this skill
  4. Dice Modifier: what are the dice roll modifiers for this skill?
  5. Time: how long does the skill take to use?
  6. Distance: what is the distance covered while using the skill (in the case of a movement-related skill)?
  7. Speed: what speed options are available (in the case of a movement-related skill)?
Final Notes
  1. Bonus In: lists a single static/permanent bonus that always increases your chances of success in this skill
  2. Bonus Out: lists a single static/permanent bonus that this skill gives to another skill or ability
  3. Other Notes: miscellaneous notes
  4. D20: list of prior skills in case you need to go back to the prior D20 rules for clarification
Color Coding
  • Assumption = Items in light gray are implied in the rules, aren't explicitly stated but are safe assumptions.
  • Question = Items in light blue are minor questions not covered in the rules that either had to be researched, assumed or otherwise resolved.
  • Critical = Items in light pink are major questions not covered in the rules; most of these required going back to the original D20 rules or other sources (forums, FAQs, etc.) for resolution.
  • Color coding will most likely be removed as a result of feedback or as official answers are obtained.