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Pueblan Islands


Native American




The Pueblan People are a loose amalgamation of primarily nomadic tribes, who inhabit the arid hills of the Pueblan Islands. Their hunter gatherer lifestyle does not lead itself to large establishments or to extensive governmental responsibilities beyond the tribal limit, but tribes tend to have chiefs, who negotiate disputes with other chiefs. Chiefs are both the political and religious leaders of their tribes, making the Pueblan Nation a form of hereditary theocracy.

Political / Religious Hierarchy

All property is family owned, and passed from mother to daughter, but tribal leadership is passed from father to son. In the event that a chiefly bloodline ends, a new chief is chosen by the men of the tribe in a Mescalero Ritual, where each of the men consume Moon Peyote and consults the spirits etherially.

During times of extreme need, such as a foreign war or invasion or great natural disaster, chiefs from all the tribes will meet at the Grand Conjunction to consult with the Gods and democratically choose a Sagamore (paramount chief) to lead the nation for the duration of the emergency. In lieu of war, disagreements between tribes are often settled with games of Isitoboli, a stick ball lacrosse style game, by agreement between Chiefs.

The Seven Tribes of the Pueblan Nation, and their respective Chiefs

  • Fox: Chief Running Shadow
  • Wolf: Chief Swims with Magpies
  • Bear: Chief Laughing Otter
  • Turtle: Chief Three Rocks
  • Hawk: Chief Diving Fox
  • Heron: Chief Fasting Bear
  • Bison: Chief Grey Mantle

Geography and Climate

The Isle of Stones is the smallest, westernmost island in the four island chain. This island is relatively flat, and the driest of the four. Indigenous flora is predominantly cacti and sage grasses, and fauna are primarily smaller reptiles, such as snakes and lizards. Few Pueblans make this island their permanent home, but many venture here seasonally to take advantage of bird and fish migrations for hunting.

The Isle of Cliffs is the second smallest of the islands, and hosts the least nomadic of the Pueblan peoples. Other than several peaceful cliff dwarf and hadozee colonies, the majority of the inhabitants of this island are cliff dwelling humans, who carve terraces overlooking the sea or inland valleys, with which to produce agriculture. Adobe houses and geographically fixed communities growing corn and grains dominate this island.

The Isle of Giants is the second largest of the four Pueblan Islands, and arguably the most dangerous and beautiful. Pueblan people exist here in a tenuous balance with its supernatural inhabitants, including Hill Giants, Stone Giants, Rocs, Hippogriffs, Gryphons, as well as Giant variations of usual animals such as Giant Owls, Giant Eagles, Giant Insects, and the like. Most of this island is arid, but deep valleys trap low hanging mist and feed stands of giant redwoods and sequoias, in which the Isle of Giant’s huge and sometimes hostile denizens live. Human Pueblan natives frown upon exploiting natural geological resources for profit, but Giants do not, which leads to strife.

The Isle of Spirits is the easternmost, largest island of the four. A central range of hilly table land and erosively carved valleys hides stands of deciduous trees at lower altitudes, and smaller gnarled conifers at higher elevations. Occasional short creeks and streams feed estuaries and mud flats in the low lying areas, which support coastal wildlife. Hot springs and geysers frequent the upper altitudes and hidden valleys. At the apex of the northern reach of the range is the Valley Of The Spirits, a place of great natural wonder. Pueblans who consume Moon Peyote in this sacred valley during a Mescalero Ritual can travel ethereally to directly encounter the Gods themselves, and beg their wisdom, but even entering the valley frivolously is looked down upon, and may invoke the ire of the gods themselves.

The Pueblan people are not typically long distance sailors, but can navigate between the islands of their own region, as well as far upstream of their small, numerous winding creeks, in outrigger canoes and dugout catamarans. The relatively high sailing speeds of the larger of these crafts allow passage making between islands in relative comfort, provided the weather is favorable.


Inter-archipelago trade is not heavily coordinated within this region of Panakos, as the Pueblan inhabitants don’t highly value money, nor do they agree philosophically with the removal of natural resources from the Pueblan islands. Occasionally, colonies of humans or other races crop up oriented more directly with trade, but these colonies often don’t last, under pressures from the natives.

Some of the hills are rich in copper, but this copper isn’t often mined by the natives. Brimsone as well can be found in many of the hills. Pueblans trade heavily in pelts, leather, ink and dye from native berries, and salt. Tobacco and incense are used heavily in religious rituals, so are freely available for barter. Prospectors can obtain silver and gold dust and ingots by panning in streams, and obsidian can be found from stream beds nearer volcanic activity.

Moon Peyote is a very rare plant that only grows within the Pueblan Island chain. Discovering it requires a DC 30 Survival check, with one check being made for every 3d6 days search. If improperly harvested, its magical properties cease, but if properly cut, prepared, and consumed, the eater enters into an ethereal state for 10d6 hours. The secrets of its harvest and preparation are a closely guarded Pueblan secret, known only to divine casters of the islands.


No major fixed settlements exist in the island chain outside of the Isle of Cliffs. Presented here is a typical Isle of Cliffs settlement, and a typical nomadic encampment, to use as templates for Pueblan encounters.

Typical Pueblan Cliff Village

Population: 10*d100

Location: Coastal cliff or high river bluff, typically on the Isle of Cliffs

Leader: Tribal Chief (10% chance) or Village Elder (90% chance)


Village Council, composed of 3d6 family elders, convenes to make important decisions for the village. Villages are generally communist in nature, and lack faction in-fighting or crime, but sometimes exhibit strife between larger families.


1d4 Village Wells

1d2 Landings (usually a sandy area where canoes can be beached – coastal village only)

3d6 Farming terraces

1d2 Public Gathering Areas

6d6 Adobe homes

Typical Nomadic Encampment

Population: 3d6 families of 3d4 members each

Location: Usually shifts once per week or sooner, chiefly on the Isle of Giants or Isle of Spirits

Leader: Tribal Chief (5% chance) or Band Elder (95% chance)




4d6 teepees, tents, or other such temporary lodgings

1d4-1 periphery fire pits

1 primary fire pit

Pueblan Random Name Generator