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Jade Isles




7,500,000 On Jade Island

500,000 on Chicken Foot Island (Ji zú)

200,000 on Buddha’s Peak Island

5000 on Arcane Sanctum

1,000,000 in the Yellow Sea


The government of the Jade Isles is a dynastic empire which is currently controlled by the outsiders of Ji zú island. These outsiders tend to be dwarven or half elven.

Political Hierarchy

The Emperor controls all affairs, his will is dictated to several Regional Magistrates, which in turn have county seats, and each village large enough to have a market place will have a local head of security and a small contingent of soldiers. Currently all of these positions are occupied by the outsiders. Typically these magistrates are concerned only with keeping order and personal wealth. It is not uncommon for the local heads of security to abuse their power and collect protection money from local merchants.

Religious Hierarchy

Religion in the Jade Isles is primarily centered on ancestor worship. Families believe that their ancestors toil in the afterlife to give them good weather, fortune etc. The pantheon of the Jade Isles consists of famous ancestors of which families believe they are direct descendants. Gods have varying importance depending on which family you are talking with. In general they are passive gods, which families will make sacrifices to on the day of ancestor worship to bring them better luck in the coming year. This is done during the Ancestor Ceremony, where citizens will pilgrimage to the temple of the ancestors located on the south western end of Jade Island. This is a burial ground for the most honored of ancestors, and home to the gods. The citizens will come bearing sacrifices and wishes for the New Year. They place their wishes on paper and light them on fire tossing them into the altar. This even occurs on the Summer Solstice when the moon passes over the temple.

Geography and Climate

Chicken Foot Island is a dry arid mountainous range which consists of areas of plains punctuated on occasion by a water hole or small stream. The people of this realm tend to be barbarian or rangers. The main island is a mix of forest and ancient mountains which have withered over time to form finger like structures at times in the northern reaches. In the southwest, these give way to foothills and in the central areas of the island are vast bamboo forests. The people of this island tend to be farmers and simple folk The Yellow Sea to the east of the main island is a somewhat shallow water basin which at most is 1000 feet deep. The people of this area tend to be druids or rangers.

Buddha’s Peak Island is a high reaching Mountain range, consisting of several very high peaks, and its central peak is the highest peak in all of Panakos. This is an active volcanic area. Several of the peaks could erupt sporadically. The people of this area tend to be druids or sorcerers.


Teak/Hardwoods, Saltpeter, Silk – Secondary Export, Spices, Paper, Ink, Tea – Primary Export, Wine, Quicksilver, Jade – Primarily in the northern end of the main island

Ruby – Primarily found on Buddha’s Peak Island..

Capital City


Population: 900,000

Location: Southern End of Main Island

Magistrate: Wei Feng

Also home to the Forbidden City where the Emperor Qin (pronounced: Chin) resides. Wei Feng is a ruthless uncaring dwarf, considering the general elven population of the main island beneath him. He commands a regiment of 5000 troops which patrol the city “keeping the peace” as a police force. Which is what they do for the most part, but they also have no problem throwing anyone in jail for whatever reason with no recourse. This is a large sprawling city, with markets, inns, and anything else you would expect in a major city (including a prosperous thieves guild). The thieves guild is known to have connections in the Qin empire and operate a little more freely for a cut of the pie. The Elven population of Peking is a proud people, with good and charitable hearts. Their oppression builds a smoldering fire of discontent, and most are quick to help out a fellow in need being chased by the police. Their culture favors family and fairness over commerce and negotiation. They live their lives by what is right, not by what gives them the greatest personal gain. People of Peking tend to be lawful by default. There are rumors of an underground movement dedicated to freeing their people from the reign of Qin.

Other Cities

Arcane Sanctum

Population: 5000

Location: Middle of the Yellow Sea

Magistrate: None.

The population of the Arcane Sanctum prefer to stay neutral in affairs of the Jade Isles. If justice is required it is meted out by a council of arch wizards. The Sanctum has different segments for various studies of Arcane magic, but other than that little is known about the internal workings of the Sanctum. They are a secretive lot, rarely emerging from their highly fortified walls. They do have some general access docks for importing food and goods, and there are some magic shops scattered about to generate revenue for the maintenance and casting of their rituals.


Population: 10,000

Location: Underneath the Yellow Sea

Magistrate: Shui Fan

Aquila is the capital of the Aquatic elves residing in the Yellow Sea. There are various other villages and towns within the Yellow Sea, but this one is the biggest. The Magistrate has made a deal with the outsiders and has been given power over the area in exchange for safe passage through their waters by sailing vessels.