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Here's the Wikipedia article on User Generated Content: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User-generated_content

Here's what Google has to say: http://www.google.com/search?q=player+generated+content

There's lots of articles, essays, etc, on the topic because it's the "new hot thing" in gaming, and we've seen it work very well on a small scale with table top gaming, MMOs, and LARPs, and here's why:

  • Gamers are creative, and use gaming as their primary creative outlet.
  • Gamers have very few other options for creative outlet, which is why they're gamers.
  • Gamers have short attention spans, so their efforts are better directed towards smaller units within a larger whole.
  • Gamers identify intangible game assets as a real asset, because of the effort in obtaining it. Which means they'll work for loot.

The last one is pretty key. Countless GMs want players to aid in the development of their games, but aren't willing to 'pay' for it. Same for many MMOs who don't really understand that in the end, their business model is to accept money in exchange for these online game assets. In Panakos, players get game rewards for their world development efforts. And since everyone is a GM, everyone has an equal shot at the rewards.

Reward for GMing:

Levels and custom built loot equal to the loot given out in the Episode. See the "Rotating the GM" section of "Game Mastering" for more details.

Reward for developing a Region Overview: (see below)

A single +2 Tome applied to a stat of your choice, that is "sticky" and stays with all your future characters in the Panakos world.

Reward for developing a Subregion: (see below)

A single +1 Tome applied to a stat of your choice, that is "sticky" and stays with all your future characters in the Pakanos world.

Tomes may be 'stacked' after 6 tomes have been earned.

Region Overview (+2 tome)

A region overview is a summary of one of the numbered archipelagos on the campaign map. Archipelago summaries should include the following information:

  • Pantheon
  • Population
  • Government/Culture - two to five paragraphs including lists of tribes, factions, and important NPCs.
  • Religion - a one to four paragraph summary of how religion in the pantheon works
  • Geography and Climate - A description of the land forms, flora, fauna, and climate of the region, including what sorts of monsters inhabit the unpopulated areas.
  • Exports - a one to three paragraph summary that discusses the trade patterns in the region, which commodities are produced by it (see the table in Game Mastering) and how trade is managed.
  • Cities - One or two important cities in the region, if it has cities, and a summary of the typical village make-up if it does not. Include the population of the city, it's location, its patron god or gods, a general description, important NPCs in power there, and a list of notable locations PCs might go within it.

In order to get the reward, a contributor must send the write-up to panakospublishing at gmail dot com. Spelling and grammar checking are also nice.

Subregion (+1 tome)

Subregions are more detailed writeups of either cities, islands, isolated valleys, or other areas in the world that deserve further scrutiny by adventurers. A GM's scenario developed for his stint may even apply, depending on the nature of it. Subregion write-ups must always have the following:

  • A Map (include angles to at least two elemental poles, to identify the location of the subregion)
  • A breakdown of locations within the map, which have fixed encounters
  • A random encounter table
  • NPC stats or monster stats as necessary.

So if a GM were to draw up a treasure map to a famous pirate cove, stat out a village full of cannibals, and map out a volcanic cave with monsters and loot, that could qualify. Also if a GM drew up a city map, and made a list of important buildings and NPCs indexed to the map, then that could qualify. In order to take your reward you simply have to send the write-up to panakospublishing at gmail dot com, and wait for it to appear on this website.

Other Rewards

If you have another idea for a contribution to the game, rewards for your idea can be handed out on a case by case basis. Some ideas:

A glossary of available ships for purchase, complete with graphic templates and floorplans: +2 Tome

A map of trade routes based on the trade matrix in the Game Mastering section: +1 Tome

A more detailed breakdown of gods by Advanced Player's Guide subdomains: +1 Tome

A full module writeup in the Panakos setting: +1 Tome