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Profile is an optional mechanic to track how much attention a character or group is drawing from law enforcement and concerning to the public. Every action taken will generate some minor amount of Profile. Some things will generate lots of Profile. Laying low will reduce your Profile. Profile is not based on level or CR. It can be adjusted by all sorts of things including use of items, conversing about suspicious subjects, performing magic, bribery, stealing, getting caught for any crime, making large purchases, selling items for exorbitant lots, submitting forged items, interacting with high Profile individuals, and so on. Profile can be reduced by laying low (described below), other events, like parades and riots, and removing suspicion (also described below). Everyone generates Profile, but it does not matter for most people as they are not doing anything illicit. Those who are need to be very werey of their Profile.

A character’s Profile rating is not known to the player. The GM tracks this secretly. However, it should become quite evident to a character or group when their Profile is getting high and when they are doing things to generate it rapidly. A player may make skill rolls to try and lower his Profile, but he will not know if he succeeded or how much Profile he removed.

Either an individual or a group can have Profile. Though both an individual that is part of a group and the group he is part of can have separate Profile, it is not advised. It would just make it more complicated. Generally, whatever Profile would be added to a character is instead added to his group. This means that a group can accumulate Profile much faster and must be more careful.

Gaining Profile

1d4 - for gathering info about suspicious subjects

1d4+1 - for selling an item worth more than 1000gp

1d6+2 - for selling magic items worth more than 100gp (this is specific to this world)

1d8 - for buying an item worth more than 1000gp

1d8+4 - for buying a magic item worth more than 300gp (this is specific to this world)

1d10 - for performing or making a scene

6d6 - for making a public scene

+100 - being identified as the perpetrator of a crime

Losing Profile

-1d4 - per day of laying low. make no actions to draw more Profile. persons trying to reduce their Profile may still go out, but need to avoid doing more than mundane activities.

-xdy - to reduce suspicion. This can be done with proper diplomacy checks that get harder as Profile is higher. may also depend on how recently the Profile was gained.

-2d10 - A major crime has been committed in the area by another unaffiliated group.

-xdy - for removing suspicion. this can be done in a few ways: proving your innocence (plausible alibi, including successful bluffs); giving reason for someone else to take the blame; or paying off officials to make the police look else where (can backfire).

Some things may make it harder to lose or gain Profile. Events going on will make a lot of questions less odd. Recent major crimes will keep the local law enforcement on edge; some locations are always cautious.


Carnival: while in a crowd of significantly higher density than the local populace is accustomed gathered for celebration, most actions will generate half the Profile. some exceptions are entertaining shows (no gain) or murder (standard gain).  

Secure facility: while in a bank or other area that people are expecting to be safe and guarded, most actions will generate slightly more (1d4-1d8) Profile.

Investigator on your trail: Most people will never be investigated, but for those who are, they are under a lens. An investigator is often trying to trip up his target to get more evidence (not to be confused with Profile) out of them, but he is also looking into the whereabouts and past affairs of them. This means talking to people including affiliates, his own superiors and law enforcement. While an investigator is following a target, the target’s profile is raised 1d4 points per day as a result of his asking around. This is not a result of the character’s or groups actions and thus does not affect a character’s or group’s ability to lose profile, so they can still lay low.

Lag Time in Profile

So long as an action goes unnoticed by anyone who can and will look into the matter, it does not generate profile. Generating Actions will be triggered (generate profile for the character or group) when someone does notice. This may create a time lag in the generation of Profile. If something is stolen from a secure vault, it may take days to years before anyone notices. Creating a public scene may not matter for several hours depending on who sees it and where it was performed. Forged items may be discovered as fakes weeks after they are submitted. An intruder might have been found out hours after having penetrated the facility.

Levels of Profile

0-49 Profile

The general authorities do not suspect you for anything and pay you little mind.

50 Profile

will mean that people are asking about you or your party. any Profile gained when your Profile is this high is doubled.

100 Profile

means you or your group have been found out. The local authorities are looking for you and guards know a description of you, and thus are stopping people and not allowing lots of people through otherwise open gates. Wanted posters may have been posted and rewards for your capture are possible.

This does not change whether an investigator is tracking you, but the higher your Profile, the easier it is for him, both in terms of available evidence and in fewer political roadblocks.

Using Aliases and Disguises

Impersonating another person to avoid gaining Profile

Generating Profile for Others

Rumors and publicity.

Evidence is not Profile

Just because an action can be pointed at you does not mean that those in responsibility to stop such actions know about it, or care. A crime can be traced to an individual without doubt with available evidence and witness testimony, but the criminal’s Profile could be low, even 0. Alternatively, a person could have a high profile, but have done no crime, either because a rumor has been carried around to generate profile for them, or they have made a lot of suspicious actions without doing anything illegal.

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