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Elemental Body

In my beta campaign the players decided to have their characters all polymorph into earth elementals (high level sorcerer in the group could cast it multiple times). The plan was just to earthglide throughout the entire dungeon I had created. Since I had not originally planned on every wall being lined with lead and that it was a fairly straightforward dungeon this caused me some consternation. I wanted to reward their creativity but at the same time did not want to just discard my entire dungeon map and just let them go anywhere they wanted. The problem was ultimately resolved another way (by making the final sanctum on another plane) but the issue still perplexed me.

As a point of reference, this only became an issue in Pathfinder because the Pathfinder Polymorph rules allow changing to elementals, whereas before, in 3.5 SRD, you could not, hence the earth glide ability was never really in player hands before.

Upon some research this is what I came up with: