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Path of the Inventor

A soulblade that follows the path of the inventor has a brilliant mind and an unconventional way of doing things. Using unorthodox methods and unparalleled cleverness, she disarms and dismantles her foes with ease and eagerness. The inventor specializes in using two weapons at once to manipulate momentum in unique ways.

Bonus Feat: A soulblade who follows the Path of the Inventor gains Two-Weapon Fighting as a bonus feat, though she must meet the prerequisites to benefit from it.

Momentum Talent: The inventor can control the power of speed like none other, increasing her maximum momentum pool by 2 points. Additionally, once per day as a free action the inventor can increase her maximum momentum pool by half her soulblade level (minimum 1) for 1d4+3 consecutive rounds.

Artistic Talent: Continually growing stronger and smarter, the inventor conceives of new ways to revolutionize her art on a regular basis.

Edge Adept: At 4th level, the inventor may apply her Quickened Edge dice to both of her weapons, though not in equal amounts. While her main hand weapon deals Quickened Edge damage as per the normal Quickened Edge ability, the inventor adds 1d4 damage to her off hand weapon for every 5 momentum points she has.

Momentum Flurry: At 8th level, the inventor can expend 3 momentum points as part of a full-attack action to make an additional attack with either of her two wielded weapons at her highest BAB. The bonus attacks from this ability can deal quickened edge damage, but the quickened edge damage for each attack is calculated by the inventor’s momentum level after expending the appropriate points.  This ability can only be used once per round. Any bonus attacks made from this ability cannot generate points of momentum, but if the attacks miss, the penalties to momentum are the same for regular attacks.

Cunning Reflex: At 12th level, when the inventor has 4 or more momentum points, and makes an attack of opportunity, she may attack once with both her primary and secondary weapons. The penalties for attacking with two weapons apply normally.

Edge Mastery: At 16th level, the inventor’s maximum momentum pool permanently increases by 4 points. Additionally, her off hand weapon now has the same Quickened Edge progression as her main hand, dealing an additional 1d4 points of damage for every 3 momentum points she has.

Talented Striker:
Dualstrike: With this effect, the inventor can make a Soulstrike attack using two wielded weapons. When making a Soulstrike the inventor attacks with both of her weapons, rolling for hit individually. The main-hand weapon is treated as a regular Soulstrike, and the off-hand weapon, upon successfully hitting, deals maximum dice damage plus typical damage modifiers, plus half of the inventor’s class level as Quickened Edge dice. This only counts as one use of the Soulstrike ability.

Unlocked Talent:
Breakthrough Spirit: The strength of the inventor’s spirit is enough for her to empower both weapons to an incredible degree. Your Blade Bond ability now grants a +6 bonus to both of your bonded weapons. The enhancement bonus on each weapon cannot exceed +5, and any excess bonus granted by this ability must be “spent” to grant one or more of the special abilities listed in the Blade Bond ability to your weapons. Each of your bonded weapons can have different special ability and enhancement bonus allocations, as well as completely different special abilities. Additionally, the empowerment of her indomitable spirit grants the Soulblade a permanent +2 bonus to her Will saves.