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Path of the Dreamer

A soulblade that follows the path of the dreamer views combat as an arbitrary medium used to achieve her goals, and follows the promise of a greater tomorrow. But to get there she must first forge a way, with blade in hand. The dreamer gravitates toward using only a single weapon one-handed and utilizing superior mobility and precision to harrow multiple foes at once.

Bonus Feat: A soulblade who follows the Path of the Dreamer can choose to gain either Exotic Weapon Proficiency (with a one-handed or light weapon of her choice) or Weapon Finesse as a bonus feat.

Momentum Talent: The dreamer generates 1 momentum point when she spends a move action to move at least 10 feet. Additionally, the dreamer can expend 1 point of momentum as a free action to increase her land speed by 10 feet until the end of her turn. The dreamer can use this ability to expend multiple points and increase her speed by much larger amounts, but she cannot spend more points than her wisdom bonus in any single round. These two effects cannot occur in the same round, and thus the dreamer must choose to either generate momentum by moving or expend momentum to move further.

Artistic Talent: As the dreamer progresses in skill, she can better blend the visions and fluidity of her dreams with the lethality and finesse of her fighting style.

Dream Drawing (Ex): At 4th level, the dreamer can unsheath her weapon at incredible speed, allowing her to draw it as an immediate action. Additionally, drawing her weapon for the first time in an encounter grants the dreamer half of her maximum momentum points. She loses these points after 1 round, unless she generates additional points before then.

Erratic Blade (Ex): At 8th level, the dreamer deals 1d6 damage instead of 1d4 for every Quickened Edge die added to her attack, as long as the last attack she successfully made was not against her current target. If she attacks the same target twice in a row, she no longer gains this benefit until she attacks a different target.

Astral Parry (Ex): At 12th level, the dreamer can attempt to parry incoming attacks. By expending 5 points of momentum as an immediate action, she can make an attack roll at her highest BAB, with all her normal bonuses, as if making an attack of opportunity. If her attack roll is greater than the roll of the attacking creature, the attack automatically misses. For each size category that the attacking creature is larger than the dreamer, the dreamer takes a –4 penalty on her attack roll. The dreamer must declare the use of this ability after the incoming attack is announced, but before the roll is made. Though the dreamer declares the use of this before the incoming attack, the dreamer rolls her parry attempt after the incoming attack is rolled.

Dance of the Dreamer (Ex): At 16th level, the dreamer can charge without taking any penalty to AC, and each turn she can charge through 5 feet of difficult terrain for every momentum point she has. Additionally, when the dreamer has 8 or more momentum points, she adds half her current number of momentum points to the damage of her first attack made after moving at least 10 feet in a single action. This increases to her whole current number of momentum points if she is charging.

Talented Striker:
Dreamstrike: With this effect, the dreamer’s soulstrike becomes more powerful as her entire body builds up momentum. The first benefit of this is that the dreamer is allowed to make a Soulstrike instead of a normal attack at the end of a charge. The second benefit is that for every 5 feet she moves in a round before using Soulstrike, she gains one additional Quickened Edge die, up to a maximum number of bonus dice equal to her Soulblade level.

Unlocked Talent: 
Ethereal Mobility: The transcendent mind of the dreamer grants her surreal movement. At 20th level, she is capable of performing a full-attack action as a standard action by foregoing the attack at her highest BAB. Additionally, the dreamer’s somnially-inspired techniques directly tap into her dreams, partially tethering her to the Ethereal Plane. As a result, the dreamer gains concealment as per the Wind Stance Feat. If she already possesses this feat, the 20% miss chance also applies to melee attacks made against the dreamer.