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Hivemind Creature (CR +1)

Hivemind creatures are linked together in telepathic hiveminds.

A hivemind creature's quick and rebuild rules are the same.

Rebuild Rules: Immune mind-affecting effects; Feats gains every teamwork feat which another member of the same hivemind possesses as a bonus feat without having to meet its prerequisites; SQ gains the hivemind special quality described below and telepathy of unlimited range with all members of the same hivemind.

Hivemind (Su) The hivemind creature is aware of anything which any other creature in the same hivemind is aware as if instantly sharing that creature's memories as they form. A hivemind creature cannot be surprised by a creature or event unless all members of its hivemind are surprised by that creature or event, and cannot be flanked by any creature unless no other members of the same hivemind can see that creature.