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A sephirah (plural: sephiroth) is a living vessel for benevolent divine power beyond mortal comprehension.

Sephirah Subtype

Sephiroth possess the following traits.

  • Immunity to blindness, critical hits, deafness, disease, electricty, fire, and poison.
  • A racial bonus on all Knowledge checks equal to 1/2 the sephirah's Hit Dice (rounded down).
  • Confounding Visage (Su) The natural form of every sephirah is damaging to mortals that behold it. The exact effect of this ability varies from sephirah to sephirah, but outsiders are unaffected, as are creature's unable to see the sephirah's true form.
  • Envisaging (Su) Sephirth communicate wordlessly, almost incomprehensibly. They sense the thoughts of other beings and respond by imparting strange visions that answer those thoughts into creatures' minds. A sephirah's envisaging functions as a non-verbal form of telepathy. Sephiroth cannot read the thoughts of any creature immune to mind-affecting effects.
  • Planar Acclimation (Ex) A sephirah is always considered to be on its home plane, regardless of what plane it finds itself upon. It never gains the extraplanar subtype.
  • Void Form (Su) Though sephiroth aren’t incorporeal, their forms are only a semi-tangible manifestation of something greater. A sephirah’s void form grants it a deflection bonus to Armor Class equal to 1/4 its Hit Dice (rounded down).

Sephiroth are living conduits of benevolent divine power beyond anything mortals can directly experience. In divine realms no mortal can ever reach or perceive, sephiroth exist as impersonal divine attributes belonging to a single divine source of unknowable power. When they choose to descend into the mortal world, sephiroth accept self-imposed limitations on their power, interacting with the world as if they were finite beings, each with its own distinct persona.

The limited sephiroth that interact directly with mortals are benevolent but alien creatures. They protect the ongoing process of creation through the multiverse, and strike down powerful evils that threaten the well-being of the cosmic order, but show surprising disregard for the lives of innocent bystanders. Life is less precious to a sephirah than the well-being of the immortal soul. To a sephirah, life is a transitory state, and its end is of little consequence in the grand scheme of things.

Indeed, even a sephirah can be killed, if only because it willingly accepted the possibility of death as one of the self-imposed limitations it placed upon itself when entering the realms of mortals. The divine essence carried within the sephirah is entirely unharmed by the demise of its vessel, and returns to its incomprehensible point of origin, leaving sparks that become new mortal souls in its wake.

The physical substance of a slain sephiroth, meanwhile, becomes an empty shell devoid of divine benevolence. This null-space in the fabric of divine creation sinks through the planes of existence until it settles to bottom of the Abyss, where its desolate, godless flesh arises as a qlippoth.