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This insectoid creature resembles a vaguely-humanoid scorpion without a stinger. It has scythe-like blades instead of pincers and a row of spines along its back.

N magical beast

Environment temperate or warm hills
Organization solitary, pair, nest (3–6), or hive (7–28 drones, 3–6 hulks, 1 queen)
Treasure none

Receptive (Ex) A hivespawn doesn't speak or understand any language, but creatures with telepathy can use that special quality to communicate with hivespawn as if they had a language.
Scythe-Like Claws (Ex) A hivespawn's scythe-shaped claws deal base and critical damage as if they were scythes designed for a creature one size smaller than the hivespawn, including that weapon's x4 critical multiplier.

Spines (Ex) A hivespawn can loose a number of dart-like spines indicated in its ranged attack from its body as a standard action with a toss of its head or a lash of its tail. Make an attack roll for each spine—all targets must be within 30 feet of each other. The spines have a range increment of 120 ft. The creature can launch only 24 spines in any 24-hour period.

The hivespawn are a race of aggressive, insectoid creatures with a tendency to devour all in their path. Hivespawn queens are intelligent beings with potent magical abilities, but other hivespawn are possessed of an animal-like intelligence. As a result, hivespawn queens spend most of their time directing the actions of their lesser kin, though a many harbor ambitions beyond the maintenance of their hives.

Many hivespawn queens experiment with strange alchemical processes and magical rituals designed to mutate their kindred into new and more powerful forms. These projects lend themselves well to hivespawn, whose body chemistry is unsually complex and maleable, but some hivespawn queens conduct similar experiments on creatures other than hivespawn.