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Gibbering Orb

Gibbering orbs are a race of floating, spherical aberrations with numerous mouths and eyes.

Gibbering Orbs

Gibbering orbs possess the following traits.

  • All-round vision.
  • Amorphous.
  • Immunity to mind-affecting effects.
  • Eyes Rays (Su) As a free action, a gibbering orb can emit colorful beams from its eyes. Collectively, these eye rays duplicate the effects of a prismatic spray spell (CL 20th, DC equals 10 + 1/2 the orb's HD + the orb's Charisma modifier). The gibbering orb must succeed on a ray attack against each creature in the area of this effect or that creature is unaffected.
  • Gibbering (Su) As a free action, a gibbering orb can emit a cacophony of maddening sound. All creatures within 60 feet that hear this gibbering must succeed on a Will save (DC equals 10 + 1/2 the orb's HD + the orb's Charisma modifier) or be permanently confused, as if affected by an insanity spell. This is a sonic mind-affecting compulsion insanity effect. A creature that saves cannot be affected by the same orb's gibbering for 24 hours.

Relatives of the creatures known as gibbering mouthers, gibbering orbs are floating balls of amorphous flesh which constantly sprout mouths and eyes. The origins of gibbering mouthers are obscure and the motives of gibbering mouthers are inscrutable, at least to sane observers.

While gibbering orbs prefer to exist in solitude, numerous individuals have claimed to have regular contact with such creatures over the aeons. These claims may reflect a genuine effort on the part of gibbering orbs to influence the wider world, or they may merely be delusions on the parts of the claimants.