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Ghosts are restless, incorporeal undead.


When a soul is not allowed to rest due to some great injustice, either real or perceived, it sometimes comes back as a ghost. Such beings are in eternal anguish, lacking in substance and unable to set things right.

A ghost is created by applying the ghost template to a living corporeal creature that has a Charisma score of at least 6. The GM may select special attacks listed below as if they were listed in the ghost template.

Variant Special Attacks

The following are additional special attacks available to ghosts. As with all ghostly abilities, the DC for each of these special attacks equals 10 + 1/2 the ghost’s HD + the ghost’s Charisma modifier.

Feed on Anger (Su) Any time the ghost is within 15 feet of a berserk, frenzied, or raging creature (including creatures affected by the rage spell, but not including the ghost itself), the ghost gains fast healing 5.

Feed on Fear (Su) Any time the ghost is within 15 feet of a dying creature or a creature subject to a fear effect, the ghost gains fast healing 5.

Haunted Maze (Su) As a standard action once per day, the ghost can duplicate the effects of a maze spell (CL equals the ghost's HD). If the ghost has 15 or fewer Hit Dice, the target gains a saving throw to negate this effect. If the ghost successfully affects the target, it may choose to enter the maze along with the target. As a free action upon entering the maze, and again at the beginning of each of its turns, the ghost chooses a distance. It appears that distance away from the target, and remains that distance away until the ghost chooses a new distance or the target escapes the maze, regardless of any movement performed by the target. Whenever the ghost is both in the maze and more than 30 feet from the target, the ghost and the target each gain total concealment from one another. Terrain within the maze does not otherwise provide cover or concealement.

Physical Corruption (Su) The ghost's corrupting touch can damage nonliving creatures and objects. Such creatures and objects take only half damage from the ghost's touch of corruption, but are not allowed a Fortitude save to further reduce the damage.

Undying Rage (Su) As a standard action at will, the ghost may dupliclate the effects of a rage spell (CL equals the ghost's HD). This effect cannot target a given creature unless all willing targets that are closer to the ghost have also been targeted.