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Fused Swarm

The creatures in a fused swarm are conjoined into a single, fleshy mass.

Fused Swarm Template

"Fused swarm" is an acquired template that can be added to any swarm of corporeal creatures (hereafter referred to as the base swarm). The base swarm fuses into a single creature that has the statistics of the base swarm, modified as follows.

CR As base swarm +1.

Size and Type The fused swarm is Medium, and loses the swarm subtype.

Defensive Abilities Unless otherwise stated, a fused swarm loses all swarm traits. A fused swarm takes half damage from piercing weapons and gains the following defensive ability.

Discorporate (Ex) A fused swarm dies when reduced to 0 or fewer hit points. When a fused swarm dies, unless its body has been completely destroyed, its remains immediately break apart to form a normal, full-strength swarm of the same kind as the base swarm.

Immune A fused swarm is immune to critical hits and flanking.

Attack A fused swarm loses the swarm attack of the base swarm, but gains a melee touch attack that deals the same amount of damage and delivers the same special attacks.

Space and Reach The fused swarm has a space of 5 feet and a reach of 5 feet.

Abilities A fused swarm has a minimum Strength score of 10.

CMB and CMD A fused swarm has a CMB and CMD based upon its ability scores and base attack bonus, as normal.