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Chopswil's Lab

Mike has created many great features on the site, including all of the various databases (spells, magic items, monsters, etc.) The spreadsheet below is like those but requires a little work on your part to realize the full coolness of it. You see, in the spreadsheet below, if you copy the text from the FullText column to a new text file on your computer, save it with a .html extension, and then also have this .css file (attached to bottom of this page also) in the same directory as that new file, you'll get spiffy stat blocks following the official Paizo format.

Note: You can select the text in the field directly (below) but its probably easier if you download the data to your PC to play with. You can click on the format of your choice below to download all data to a local file.

OGL: If you use this content in an application or form for redistribution please see/cite the Section 15 Statement at the bottom of this page.

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John Reyst,
Feb 26, 2013, 4:48 PM