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Notes: The concept of the Ascetic class came to me as I was falling asleep one night thinking of the problems with the Monk class. I wanted to create something that is exciting to play, stronger than the Monk, yet not over-powered (or too "Anime" ;) ). I also wanted the class to be versatile. I want people to be able to customize the class to their setting and own likings.

Class Inspiration: The inspiration for the Ascetic comes mainly from Shaw Brothers' (and other old Hong Kong studios') more fantastical films and the Physical Adept from the Shadowrun RPG.

Class features:
  1. Martial Arts
  2. Special powers linked to an "element" or animal.
  3. Powers will come from a domain-like list (perhaps called a focus?)
  4. List powers are generally arcane, however divine-only spells can be pulled if appropriate.
  5. There will be base abilities available to any Ascetic. The differences will lie in the focus.
  6. Focus can inform the expression of base abilities between different focuses. (E.g. AC bonus for an Ascetic with the "Wind" Focus would express itself as strong mini-gusts deflecting blows)