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At the other end of the field you spot a beautiful women with alabaster skin dressed in nothing but a gossamer shroud. As she approaches you hear the crunching of bones under her bare, beautiful feet. As she approaches you she starts laughing wickedly as you feel several skeletal hands grasp you from behind.
Osteid (Battle Nymph/Bone Nymph)
CR 10
Always NE Medium Fey

+X; Senses sense1 ## ft.; Perception +X


AC XX, touch XX, flat-footed XX (+X Dex, +X natural, +X size)
XX (XdX+X)
+X, Ref +X, Will +X; +4 vs. X, +4 resistance vs. Y
Defensive Abilities
ability1; DR ##/aaaaa; Immune acid/cold/fire/etc.; Resist acid/etc; SR XX



Speed XX ft., movement-type2 XX ft., movement-type3 XX ft.
bite/claw/weapon +X (XdX plus special1)
## ft.; Reach ## ft.
If the creature's space and reach are standard (one 5-foot square and a reach of 5 feet), this line is omitted.
Special Attacks
Tactics any tactics typically used by this creature or general guidelines for the creature's preferences in combat.


Str XX, Dex XX, Con XX, Int XX, Wis XX, Cha XX
Base Atk +XX; CMB +XX; CMD XX
feat1, feat2, feat3 (
A bonus feat is indicated with a superscript B)
skill1 +XX, skill2 +XX, etc Racial Modifiers
XXX have a +X racial bonus on X and X checks and a +X racial bonus on X and X checks. A X can always choose to take 10 on a X check, even if rushed or threatened. X use either their X modifier or X modifier for X checks, whichever is higher.
The languages most commonly spoken by the creature are listed here. For unusual creatures, you can swap out the languages known for other choices as needed. A creature with a higher-than-normal Intelligence score receives the appropriate number of bonus languages.
Any special qualities possessed by the creature. Any quality listed here will be described under Special Abilities below.


Summon Undead (Ex/Sp/Su)


Special2 (Ex/Sp/Su)


Picture (if available) here.

Special case information here, such as using the race for player characters or Monster Lore boxes.


Characters with ranks in Knowledge (type) can learn more about a(n) <monstername>. When a character makes a successful skill check, the following lore is revealed, including the information from lower DCs.

Knowledge (type1)

DC Result
CR+10 This result reveals the creature name, type, and all traits common to that creature type.

CR+15 This result reveals more well known traits of the individual creature (not necessarily traits associated with its type or subtype) as well as languages spoken/understood.

CR+20 This result typically reveals more obscure facts about the creature and potential weaknesses or vulnerabilities.

Knowledge (type2)

DC Result

CR+10 ...

CR+15 ...