Noble Rhinoceros

Rhinoceros are a huge animal of tropical climates. The rhinoceros has a massive head and body; small ears with rounded tips; small eyes; short, stocky legs; and a short tail. There are three toes on each foot, each with a hooflike nail. They range in height at the shoulder from 4 to 6 feet (1.4 to 2 m), and in weight from one to four tons (900 to 3,600 kg). The skin of the rhinoceros is yellowish-brown to gray or black. It is thick and may be hairless or covered with coarse, bristly hair, depending on the species. In some species, the skin is arranged in folds resembling armor plates. The tail has a tuft of bristly hair at the tip.

Rhinoceroses are active in the early morning and in the evening, feeding on leaves, twigs, fruit, and grass. Some species have prehensile lips, which help them grasp food. During the day, rhinoceroses wallow in mud and take dust baths to relieve themselves of the irritation caused by the hordes of ticks that infest them. Cattle egrets and oxpeckers, also called tick birds, are often seen perched on the backs of rhinoceroses, feeding on the ticks. Their noisy scolding sounds an alarm when danger approaches.

The rhinoceros has poor vision but acute senses of smell and hearing. It is known for its unprovoked charges. The charges are believed to be the result of its poor eyesight, which causes it to panic at strange smells and sounds. During a charge, a rhinoceros can run as fast as 25 miles per hour (40 km/h).

The female typically bears a single calf. The calf nurses for about two years and stays with the mother for another year or two. Rhinoceroses mature at the age of five or six, and have a life span of up to 50 years.

Species Descriptions

Noble rhinos have a history dating back almost as far as noble elephants, and they share a great deal in common with them. Memories of the wooly rhinoceros make the armored behemoths more than a little prideful in their challenges to humanoids. Every beast in the forest or on the plain knows to get out of the way of a charging noble rhino. Or, at least, the non-flattened ones do.

Dating back to the days when they had fur, rhinos fear and despise fire. They will go out of their way to fight a fire or even a fire elemental. It is a rare noble rhino wizard indeed who would even consider casting a fire-based spell.

Noble Rhinoceros Species Traits

Racial Feats

The following feats are available to a noble rhinoceros character who meets the prerequisites.

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