Call Stampede (Racial)

You can call on your fellow beasts to flatten everything in sight.

Prerequisite: Elephant, Equine, Herdbeast, Moose, Rhinoceros; 5th level; Charisma 13+.

Benefit: As a standard action, you can let out a thundering below once a week that calls the nearest herd of any herd animals to stampede through your location, nearly destroying everything in sight. The herd arrives in 3d10 minutes. Roll a d4 to determine from which direction the stampede arrives. The ground will begin to shake and the rumble will be heard for several turns before the stampede arrives. The herd cuts a swath of destruction starting from the edge of the map and continuing to the opposite edge. This tide of destruction is 20 feet wide plus an additional 5 feet for each 3 of your character levels, centered on your location at the time you made the call. The front edge of the wave moves 160 feet per turn until it leaves the map, with the tail edge following 6d6 feet behind.

For each turn a creature, character, or object is within the area of the stampede, they must make a Reflex and a Fortitude save versus a DC of 15. For each save failed, the target takes 2d6 damage, with a successful save reducing this by half. All movement within the stampede area (except flying) is restricted; no run or charge actions can be taken unless the target is under freedom of movement or a similar spell.

This ability can only be used above ground in a climate or region similar to your home territory.