Bestow Gift (Boon Creation)

You can grant magical abilities similar in function to magic rings.

Prerequisite: Caster level 12th.

Benefit: You can bestow any gift whose prerequisites you meet. Bestowing a gift takes one day for each 1,000 gp in the base price for the ring the gift is based on. To create a gift, you must sacrifice a number of ability points equal to the market price of the gift’s ring counterpart divided by 20,000, rounding up. The recipient of the gift must be within your presence for the final two hours of the creation process. For more information on boon creation, see Noble Wild Magical Treasure.

Some magical gifts incur extra costs in blood components, as noted in their descriptions. You must pay such a cost to bestow such a gift.

For purposes of boon creation, any effect that can be granted by a ring can be given as a gift.