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Some humanoid races are not the result of divine design or the changes in the world caused in the creation of the Shatterstone.  Some races were created through the use of magic by taking an existing race and changing them somehow.  Such races are known as Magespawn.

Though a Magespawn race could be simulated by taking the base race and casting the same enchantments on a creature of the same type as the original and rendering them permanent (such as with a Permanency spell), a magespawn creature actually has the ability to produce offspring that have the same characteristics that they do, and the abilities they have which were conferred through magic are no longer an enchantment; they become an inherent part of the creature's nature.

Magespawn rarely have much in common with each other since each species is created with a specific purpose in mind.  For example, Gillmen were created by the Aboleths to serve them, so they gained the ability to breathe underwater, but also gained a vulnerability to the enchantments of the Aboleths.  Many types of Magespawn have a built-in vulnerability to magical control by the type of magic wielded by their creators, and they often have a wisdom attribute penalty.  However, this is not always true, particularly in cases where the creator of the race also became the race's first member.