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Ulfari most closely resemble a cross between humans and wolves.  Their fur has the same range of coloration that wolves have, with a greyish blend being the most common.  Humans who are unfamiliar with the Ulfari sometimes mistake them for werewolves, though Ulfari are a perfectly natural race, with no inherent magical abilities.

Most Ulfari live in the forests of northern Boridar, Meshadath, and Lektoria.  In these wild lands the Ulfari live as nomadic, tribal hunter-gatherers.  These Ulfari tribes usually have at least reasonably good relations with the elves of Erythraea and Sidherina, and the elves respect the fact that the lifestyle of the Ulfari does little to change the pristine environment of the forests they live in.  Ulfari that live in regions far from elvish influence tend to be a bit wilder and more savage than those who don't.

However, many Ulfari have come into contact with the more civilized nations of the south, and these Ulfari have adopted more civilized ways and adopted the customs of the culture they reside in.  Ulfari communities can be found in Danamarg, Bardonia, Amar, and even Bakar.

Ulfari are known for being wild and reckless, but are also friendly, charming, and quick.  Though many Ulfari settle in civilized areas they tend to have a desire to roam and prefer professions that allow them to travel.  Ulfari are also known for their sense of humour, and enjoy all kinds of jokes and pranks.  Their wanderlust and comedic sense make them natural friends of gnomes, and they have been known to prefer the company of gnomes over most other races aside from their own. 

Ulfari have a strange relationship with werecreatures.  Whenever an Ulfari contracts Lycanthropy he always manifests this disease as a werewolf and never any other type.  There is almost no visible difference between the humanoid form and the hybrid form of an Ulfari werewolf, though their hybrid forms seem more feral in demeanor.  Werewolves have a place of honor amongst tribal Ulfari and their value as warriors is highly regarded.  However, Ulfari consider werewolves to be dour and ruthless, and it seems to Ulfari that becoming a werewolf means losing one's joy in living and as a result few Ulfari wish to become werewolves.  

Werewolves in Ulfari society respect the limits of their people and do not afflict members of their own tribe with lycanthropy without consent.  When the full moon approaches, Ulfari werewolves traditionally leave the tribe for a period of seven days, spending three days to get far enough out of the tribe's range before the full moon arrives, knowing that with the full moon they will likely lose control of themselves and once transformed they will hunt as beasts until the full moon passes.  In this way they avoid doing harm to their own tribe during the full moon, since they know that they will not be able to tell friend from foe at that time.  Certain regions of Ulfari territory are recognized as werewolf hunting grounds and are avoided by the tribes for this purpose.

Because of their relationship with werewolves, tribal Ulfari revere the moon and mark time with a lunar calendar.  They prize talismans and weapons made from silver and they consider silver to have a value equal to gold, rather than exchanging it at a ratio of 10:1 like most folk (though this means that it is rare for tribal Ulfari to have much gold; they normally use barter as a means of exchange rather than coins).  Even civilized Ulfari often venerate the moon and keep talismans dedicated to the moon goddess, though they generally keep this practice hidden when among the sun-worshipping southerners.

Ulfari Racial Traits
In addition to the standard dogfolk traits, Ulfari receive the following racial traits:
  • +2 Dexterity, -2 Wisdom, +2 Charisma: Ulfari are agile, charming, and reckless.
  • Low-Light Vision: Ulfari see twice as far as humans in dim light.
  • Wolf Empathy: Ulfari receive a +4 racial bonus on Handle Animal and Diplomacy checks when dealing with wolves, dire wolves, or any other wolf subtype.
  • Natural Armor: Ulfari have a +1 racial natural armor bonus.
  • Languages: Ulfari speak Ulfari and common.  Ulfari with a high intelligence score can choose from the following bonus languages: Centaur, Dwarvish, Elven, or Sylvan.