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The Nirvari are an offshoot of the Ulfari, and like the Ulfari they appear to be a cross between humans and wolves.  The main difference between a Nirvari and an Ulfari is that a Nirvari is an albino and has a coat of pure white fur.  Also, Nirvari do not posess tails as Ulfari do.

Legend among both Ulfari and Nirvari is that after giving the curse of Lycanthropy to her people (which the Ulfari don't see as exactly a curse), the moon goddess' heart softened and she chose the wisest of the Ulfari to serve as guides for her moon-touched warriors.  She touched the first Nirvari and his fur turned to silver, and she gave him the ability to resist the curse and to calm those who had it.  And from then on the Nirvari had white fur to mark them as guides for those who had become lost in the madness of the moon.

Whether or not there is any truth to this story, the Nirvari serve as the spiritual leaders of the Ulfari, commonly acting as clerics and druids.  Nirvari are known for their serenity and insight and Nirvari who take up violent careers are very rare.  Nirvari are on friendly terms with the elves of Erithraea and Sidherina and the elves of those nations traditionally make them welcome.  

Nirvari often follow the lunar faith of the Ulfari, but they have a calmer approach and they emphasize the beauty and mystery of the moon, whereas the werewolves emphasize the wild madness that the moon can bring.  Despite being the spiritual leaders of the Ulfari, they are much more reserved and taciturn, refraining from the boisterous jesting and boasting common among Ulfari.  They are less likely to speak unless doing so is for the edification of others.

Nirvari Racial Traits
Nirvari receive the following racial traits in addition to the standard dogfolk traits:
  • +2 Dexterity, +2 Wisdom: Nirvari are agile and perceptive.
  • Moonlight Vision: Nirvari see twice as far as humans in dim light.  If the area a Nirvari is in is lit by moonlight, the Nirvari can see as well as a human in daylight.
  • Light Sensitivity: Nirvari are sensitive to light and are dazzled in areas of bright sunlight or within the radius of a daylight spell.  Nirvari casters may not select the Sun domain.
  • Wolf Empathy: Ulfari receive a +4 racial bonus on Handle Animal checks when dealing with wolves, dire wolves, or any other wolf subtype.
  • Lycanthropy Resistance: A Nirvari is immune to the Curse of Lycanthropy.  A Nirvari's natural attacks count as silver for the purpose of bypassing damage reduction, and a Nirvari may spend a standard action and touch a Lycanthrope to give that lycanthrope an insight bonus equal to the half the Nirvari's level plus his Wisdom modifier (minimum +1) to the target's check to change back to human form.
  • Languages: Nirvari speak Ulfari and common.  They do not have their own language.  Nirvari with a high intelligence score can choose from the following bonus languages: Centaur, Dwarvish, Elven, or Sylvan.