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Native to the northern forested ranges of Lektoria, the Cynamogli resemble a cross between humans and domestic hounds.  They have short fur and longish snouts with hanging jowls.  The coloration of their fur is most commonly brown but ranges from white to black and often a Cynamoglus has spots or patches of more than one color.  These colors seem to have little social significance amongst Cynamogli.

The Cynamogli of northern Lektoria are a primitive people, and live in the forest as tribes of hunter-gatherers.  Their keen sense of smell makes them excellent hunters.  Many Cynamogli have wandered south across the Hizria Steppes, however, and some have found a home amongst the Tarek nomads, while others have wandered further south and have made homes in Halikaz and Logar.  These Cynamogli have adopted the civilized ways of those nations but still cling to the values their people had in the wild northlands.

To a Cynamogli, a person's word is his bond and an oath must never be broken.  Great shame is brought upon Cynamogli who break a vow and those who do so are expected to atone for this breach somehow, either by fulfilling the conditions of the vow or taking revenge on those who caused the Cynamoglus to break his vow.  Cynamogli are raised being taught stories of how vows should be honoured, but also of the folly of entering onto an oath rashly.  One story tells of a Cynamoglus who promised to find someone who could cure his wife's sickness "no matter how long it took," and he is said to have searched for a thousand years, unable to die because his promise is unfiulfilled.  Another story tells of a Cynamoglus who vowed to get revenge on an Ulfari brigand who burned his village but the Ulfari died of natural causes before the Cynamoglus could get to him, so in order to catch the Ulfari chief the Cynamogli slew himself.  The Cynamogli tell this story as a reminder of the power of an oath, but the Ulfari also tell this story and to them it illustrates the stupidity and bloody-mindedness of the Cynamogli. 

Cynamogli are normally careful not to make oaths are absolute.  Generally if a Cynamoglus makes an oath to serve another it will be for a specific period of time or until certain conditions are met or not met.  But while Cynamogli uphold their oaths, they are satisfied if they uphold the letter of their word and finding a loophole that excuses a Cynamoglus from his promise is still considered quite acceptable.  For a Cynamoglus to give an oath without conditions is considered a great gesture, and if a Cynamoglus promises that no harm will come to you while he lives then you can be certain that he will die rather than allow you to come to harm.

Because of this Cynamogli are highly valued as bodyguards and mercenaries, and it is widely known that they are fiercely loyal to their liege or employer.  In fact, the East Alzean Emperor used to have an elite bodyguard made up of Cynamogli, and their loyalty and determination was beyond question.  Even Cynamogli rogues are known for their honour and will uphold their oaths meticulously, though they are careful not to give their word thoughtlessly, and when a Cynamogli pledges to take revenge against someone that pledge is something to be feared.  

Cynamogli Racial Traits
Cynamogly recieve these racial traits in addition to the standard dogfolk traits:
  • +2 Strength, +2 Dexterity, -2 Intelligence: Cynamogli are strong and quick, but are uneducated and crude.
  • Dog Empathy: Cynamogli receive a +4 racial bonus on Handle Animal and Diplomacy checks when dealing with dogs, including riding dogs.  If a Cynamoglus ever has a dog as an animal companion, he is treated as if he is one level higher in the relevant class for calculating the dog's abilities.
  • Keen Scent: Cynamogli gain Keen Scent as a bonus feat.
  • Powerful Oath: If a Cynamogli gives his word to perform (or not to perform) some action for someone else, he gains a +2 racial bonus to Will Saves against any mind-affecting affect that would cause him to break his word.
  • Languages: Cynamogli speak Cynamogli and common.  Cynamogli with a high intelligence score can choose from the following bonus languages: Centaur, Elven, Minotaur, Sylvan, and Ulfari.