This page features a variety of spells I have written for Pathfinder.  They cover a variety of subjects.  Some were simply ideas that popped into my head, but many fall into two categories of spell types that I feel are under-represented in Pathfinder.

The first represents spells that would be of value to "ordinary people."  By this I mean spells that are not combat related but represent things that spellcasters in a fantasy universe would want to be able to do.  For example, your local village cleric is not likely to find cure light wounds especially useful, since while injuries do happen they are somewhat rare in ordinary life.  On the other hand, sickness and disease are a much bigger threat in the medieval world and the local healer ought to be able to do something about them.  But remove disease is a third level spell, and fifth level clerics will be few and far between and are unlikely to be present in every little village.

The second represents spells that affect, enhance, or modify class abilities of spellcasters.  Some of these abilities are quite interesting and such spells would allow casters to trade spells for an improvement in these abilities.