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Favoured Spells


Choose a favoured class you have levels in.  You have increased your spellcasting ability in that class.

Prerequisite: Favoured class (in the chosen class).  You must have more hit dice than you have levels in the chosen class.

Benefit: Your spells per day (and spells known for spontaneous casters) for your chosen favoured class are treated as if you were two levels higher, but your caster level remains the same.  Your maximum number of spells per day is equal to a caster of a level equal to your hit dice. You may not cast spells of a given level unless your caster level is also high enough to cast them.

Special: You may select this feat more than once.  Its effects stack, but each additional time after the first the feat is taken for the same favoured class it only increases your spells per day by one level instead of two.