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Source Abbreviations

A consolidated list of all source codes with correct linking and hover-over text added. I'm not sure if this exists somewhere already, but it might be helpful just to keep track of these, and to get some sense of consistency across the site. Many of these are probably not needed, but I figured it would be easier to just add them all and not worry about whether they were actually needed.

Pathfinder RPG Line Abbreviation
Advanced Players Guide APG
Bestiary B1
Bestiary II B2
Bonus Bestiary BB
Core Rulebook CRB
Gamemastery Guide GMG
Ultimate Combat UC
Ultimate Magic UM
Pathfinder Chronicles/Campaign Setting Line
Book of the Damned-Volume 1: Princes of Darkness BotD1
Book of the Damned-Volume 2: Lords of Chaos BotD2
Book of the Damned-Volume 3: Horsemen of the Apocalypse BotD3
Campaign Setting CS
Cities of Golarion CoG
City of Strangers CoS
Classic Horrors Revisited CHR
Classic Treasures Revisited CTR
Dragon Empires Gazetteer DEG
Dungeons of Golarion DuoG
Faction Guide FG
Gods and Magic GaM
Guide to the River Kingdoms GttRK
Heart of the Jungle HotJ
Inner Sea Magic ISM
Inner Sea World Guide ISWG
Lands of the Linnorm Kings LotLK
Lost Cities of Golarion LCoG
Misfit Monsters Redeemed MMR
Rival Guide RG
Rule of Fear RoF
Seekers of Secrets SoS
Undead Revisited UR
Pathfinder (Player) Companion Line
Adventurer's Armory AA
Andoran, Spirit of Liberty ASoL
Cheliax, Empire of Devils CEoD
Dwarves of Golarion DoG
Elves of Golarion EoG
Faiths of Balance FoB
Faiths of Corruption FoC
Faiths of Purity FoP
Gnomes of Golarion GnoG
Goblins of Golarion GoG
Halflings of Golarion HoG
Humans of Golarion HuoG
Inner Sea Primer ISP
Orcs of Golarion OoG
Osirion, Land of Pharoahs OLoP
Qadira, Gateway to the East QGttE
Sargava, the Lost Colony StLC
Second Darkness (Player's Guide) SD
Taldor, Echoes of Glory TEoG
Adventure Paths
Carrion Crown AP:CC
Council of Thieves AP:CoT
Curse of the Crimson Throne AP:CotCT
Jade Regent AP:JR
Kingmaker AP:K
Legacy of Fire AP:LoF
Rise of the Runelords AP:RotR
Second Darkness AP:SD
Serpent's Skull AP:SS
Pathfinder Modules
Academy of Secrets M:AoS
Carrion Hill M:CH
City of Golden Death M:CoGD
Crypt of the Everflame M:CotE
Cult of the Ebon Destroyers M:CotED
Curse of the Riven Sky M:CotRS
Feast of Ravenmoor, The M:FoR
From Shore to Sea M:FStS
Godsmouth Heresy, The M:GH
Guardians of Dragonfall M:GoD
Harrowing, The M:H
Masks of the Living God M:MotLG
Master of the Fallen Fortress M:MotFF
Midnight Mirror, The M:MM
Realm of the Fellnight Queen M:RotFQ
Ruby Pheonix Tournament, The M:RPT
Tomb of the Iron Medusa M:TotIM
We Be Goblins! M:WBG
Witchwar Legacy, The M:WL
Condition Cards Cards
Third Party Publishers
4 Winds Fantasy Gaming
Book of Divine Magic, The 4W:BoDM
Strategists and Tacticians 4W:SaT
Adamant Entertainment
Tome of Secrets AE:ToS
Paizo Fans United
Wayfinder #1 PFU:W1
Wayfinder #4 PFU:W4
Rite Publishing
101 0-Level Spells RP:101-0
101 1st Level Spells RP:101-1
101 2nd Level Spells RP:101-2
101 3rd Level Spells RP:101-3
101 4th Level Spells RP:101-4
101 5th Level Spells RP:101-5
101 6th Level Spells RP:101-6
101 7th Level Spells RP:101-7
101 8th Level Spells RP:101-8
101 9th Level Spells RP:101-9
Super Genius Games
Adventurer's Handbook: Genius Guide Volume 1 SGG:AH1
Genius Guide to Air Magic, The SGG:AM
Genius Guide to Ice Magic, The SGG:IM
Genius Guide to the Vanguard SGG:V
Tricky Owlbear Publishing
Forgotten Foes TO:FF